Report: Apple CEO has little patience for climate (change) deniers

A conservative think tank’s pestering about how much Apple’s sustainability efforts cost shareholders just about drove the typically reserved Tim Cook around the bend last Friday.

The Facebook and Yahoo CEOs: Dumb and dumber

If Facebook has a core demographic, it is probably the 12-22 year old user the platform was originally designed around. However, we’ve been hearing for some time that the above-mentioned demographic is likely tiring of the service.  

Why Paul Otellini shouldn’t step down as Intel CEO

I spend much of my time covering CEOs. While the compensation is often spectacular, the job is a life and family killer and I’ve seen more people worse for the job then better for it. 

Ray Lane heads off from the HP lane

HP's Ray Lane has quit as chairman of the HP board.

Intel shilly shallies over CEO spot

Intel has decided that there is no hurry getting itself a nice shiny new CEO, according to the strokers of beards and people in the know at analyst outfit Piper Jaffray. Paul Otellini is being put out to pasture in mid-May and the debate has so far been about if he is to be replaced by an insider or an outsider.

Google's Marissa Mayer takes helm at Yahoo

Third time lucky, perhaps: Yahoo's hired yet another CEO, Google vice president Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo CEO forced out over misleading resume

Yahoo has bowed to shareholder pressure and replaced Scott Thompson as CEO, after he was discovered to have falsified his degree on his resume.

Micron CEO killed in plane crash

Micron has announced the appointment of a new CEO, after the sudden death of Steve Appleton in a plane crash on Friday.

AMD has a new CEO

Not to be outdone by Apple, AMD has finally named a new CEO, allowing interim Chief Executive Officer Thomas Seifert to return to his role as senior VP and CFO.

Steve Jobs resigns, Tim Cook is new Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple's Chief Executive Officer. Tim Cook, previously Cupertino's Chief Operating Officer, is Apple's new CEO. 

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey makes a comeback

Jack Dorsey, the original creator of 140-character social networking site Twitter, is back in the game. Word on the street says Twitter hopes to re-hire Dorsey full time as either the CEO or something like a chief product officer.

AMD reshuffles corporate deck as CEO Dirk Meyer resigns

AMD is reshuffling its corporate deck following the abrupt resignation of CEO Dirk Meyer.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams hands over to Dick Costolo

Twitter COO Dick Costolo is replacing Evan Williams as CEO, marking the company's new focus on monetization.

HP picks battle hardened executives for Cloud Wars

HP’s Board had three big problems that Mark Hurd created or that resulted when he left.

Ex-SAP head Leo Apotheker takes the HP helm

HP has picked ex-SAP CEO Leo Apotheker as its new CEO, in a move which has taken some analysts by surprise.

HP CEO behaves badly, gets $12 million

TG Daily editor whines about working conditions and is told to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Digg CEO's departure further buries the company

The CEO of what was once the most popular socially-driven news site has now dug himself out of the company, leaving Digg's original founder to take the spot as chief executive.

Steve Jobs named the "most valuable" CEO in the universe

Barron's has named Steve Jobs the "most valuable" CEO in the world, claiming that the US of A "could use 1,000 more like him."

Kotick: Activision trying to keep gaming fun

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has insisted that his company remains committed to keeping the "fun" in gaming.

MySpace CEO quits after less than a year

He probably hardly had time to update his profile, but MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta is to leave the company after less than a year in the job.