Facebook blames algorithm for censoring activists

In case you haven’t heard, there were some alleged censorship issues with Facebook over the weekend. We can blame it on an algorithm - at least for now.

Anticensorship scheme could make site blocking a thing of the past

Computer science researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Waterloo in Canada have come up with a radical new approach to beating internet censorship.

Tenn. bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"

The state of Tennessee is leading the charge to turn America into a fascist police state. They’re using “emotional distress” as an excuse to strip their citizens of their First Amendment rights.

Anonymous targets Obama admin over censorship claims

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have kicked off a digital campaign to protest U.S. legislation aimed at downing websites suspected of copyright infringement.

Analysis: New US anti-piracy bill will kill the Internet

The US government is determined to stop online piracy, even if it means turning the Internet into a full on virtual police state.

Rumor: Facebook finally headed to China

Could it be true? Is Facebook really heading to China?

Google challenges Great Firewall, maintains some traction in China

Only a year ago, Beijing threatened to kick Google permanently out of China over a disagreement over censorship laws.

The next net: Developing our own decentralized Internet

New ideas, though frequently unpopular, have the potential to change society and create new theoretical frameworks. A decentralized, community based Internet is a new idea worth putting into action.    

Free Press, FCC and fake net neutrality

Late last night the majority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioners said that they’re on board with Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Net Neutrality rule. The problem is that critics say the rule does little to actually protect the open nature of the Internet.

Expert: Internet was never free or open and never will be

As WikiLeaks struggles to keep itself online, we are seeing an increase in corporate and government censorship aimed at controlling the flow of information.

Opinion: BitTorrent crackdown is Big Media fascism

The government is shutting down Web sites and it looks like they don’t need a law on the books to claim the authority to micromanage the Internet on behalf of Big Media companies.

Congress still considering Internet censorship!

It’s a bad news day for Internet users in America. The totalitarian bill that would give the government power to shut down websites their secret controllers do not approve of is making its way through congress again.

Congress ready to blacklist sites for Big Media

The legislative branch of the US Government is about to discuss a bill that favors big media corporations. The bill would be a big win for corporate censorship advocates and grant the government increased power to censor the Internet.

Expert: Censoring Craigslist won’t stop prostitution

Danah Boyd has dedicated a large portion of her life to ending violence against women and children. She hates the type of scum who would victimize others through the sex-power matrix, domestic violence, and nonconsensual prostitution.

Digg critics allege vast right wing conspiracy

AlterNet is claiming that it has uncovered a "widespread campaign of censorship" executed by a group of "influential" conservative and right-wing Digg members.

Porn in Indonesian parliament bodes ill for censorship plans

Indonesian journalists got a bit of a shock yesterday, when they were treated to an X-rated video courtesy of the government.

China is now the world's second largest economy

The People's Republic of China - also known as Zhōngguó - has eclipsed Japan and is now the world's second largest economy.

Facebook faints at sight of nipples

Those delicate little flowers at Facebook have been swooning in shock at the sight of nipples - on a porcelain doll.

Google's Chinese operating license hangs in the balance

Google has abandoned its policy of redirecting Chinese users to its Hong Kong servers in an attempt to keep its operating license in the country. The move comes as Chinese rival Baidu takes steps to expand.

Islam v. Internets II: Fundamentalists Strike Back

No good can come of censoring the Web, but it doesn't seem to bother Pakistan. iPhone 4 not sufficiently blasphemous to get banned, but hipsters may be lashed.