UK prime minister threatens to censor press

UK prime minister David "one is an ordinary bloke" Cameron has threatened the British press that he will bring in censorship if they do not do what he tells them.

China employs 2 million web monitors

That's right: 2 million people who sit around, we presume, to look at what is going on the web so that the Chinese government can control it. They don't get to delete stuff, apparently, which is great because, that's a lot of deleters out there. No word on what the Chinese stand is on cute pictures of cats.

Saudi Arabia confirms Skype to be censored

Saudi Arabia’s watchdog has claimed that Skype and Whatsapp flout Saudi Arabia's telecom laws.

Google attempts to censor the Swedish language

Google is reportedly interfering with the Swedish language - putting pressure on the Language Council not to include "ogooglebar" in its yearly list of new words.

Thousands of censors delete China's tweets

Chinese censors work very, very quickly, it seems, with a new report concluding that they're getting rid of unwanted posts on local Twitter clone Weibo almost immediately.

Iran launches own version of YouTube

Following blocks on YouTube earlier this year, Iran has launched its own video sharing alternative offering only 'appropriate' content.

Internet governance under the spotlight

The battle lines are being drawn over proposals by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which would give national governments more control over the internet.

Twitter uses country-specific censorship for first time

Twitter has blocked access to a neo-Nazi account at the request of the German government, the first time it's put its local censorship plans into action.

EU throws out ACTA anti-counterfeiting treaty

The EU has rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), following massive public opposition.

Google aims to help users vault Great Firewall of China

Google searches in China are notoriously difficult, thanks to the country's notorious filtering system. Now, though, Google's aiming to help by warning users when a search is likely to fail.

What words get you censored in China?

Carnegie Mellon University researchers have analyzed millions of Chinese microblogs to discover exactly what terms are being censored.

Facebook censorship rulebook leaked

A disgruntled agency worker has revealed Facebook's rules for blocking offensive content - and while 'crushed heads' are fine, female nipples aren't.

Google introduces country-specific takedowns for Blogger blogs

Google is following Twitter's lead in introducing a country-by-country blocking system for its Blogger blogs.

Thailand welcomes Twitter censorship changes

Thailand has become the first country to publicly endorse Twitter's plans to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis, meaning that anybody wanting to insult the Royal Family had better get a move on.

Twitter reveals new censorship plans

Twitter's announced that it can now selectively delete tweets in particular countries, allowing it to comply with individual censorship regimes while leaving offending tweets visible in the rest of the world.

India vows to eliminate offensive internet content

Indian telecommunications minister Kapil Sibal has called on Google, Facebook and other internet companies to censor offensive content.

Censoring the Internet won’t make bad guys go away

Senator Joe Lieberman and his like-minded friends in government seem to think that censoring swathes of the Internet will somehow make all of the "bad guys" go away. The real problem? They actually expect the public to believe them.

Search engine aims to give power to the people

Five years in the making, a new 'uncensorable' search engine has launched.

Chinese firms agree to step up net censorship

The top Chinese internet forms have agreed to increase the regulation of their services at the government's request.

Analysis: VeriSign wants to take down websites

The .com database manager VeriSign wants the power to shut down "illegitimate" domains when asked to by law enforcement.