Security researcher demos new cellphone attack

A researcher at the University of Luxembourg has demonstrated a new type of attack against mobile phones at the security conference DeepSec in Vienna.

Could you be allergic to your phone?

Redness, swelling, itching? Oozing? Not a pleasant set of symptoms, but one you run the risk of experiencing if you're a cellphone user, says the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).

Cellphones DO cause brain tumors, says latest study

New research aiming to incorporate the best data from previous studies indicates that cellphones really do increase the risk of brain cancer.  Independent studies follow-up over a long period suggest the risk is doublerd for heavy phone users.

Canada and US pay most for cellphone plans

The US is amongst the most expensive countries on the world for cellphone service, a study from a non-profit public policy institute has found.

Report predicts next year's biggest cybersecurity threats

Social networks, mobile devices and infrastructure systems such as the electric grid will be the main tagets of cybercrime next year, according to a new report.

TaintDroid tracks unauthorized phone data use

A new prototype Android extension automatically detects apps that are trsnsmitting private data - and finds that as many as half of popular applications do.

Cheap calls, but expensive data: Wal-Mart launches wireless plan

Wal-Mart's launching its own wireless plan aimed at its core market of low- to middle-income families.

Tiny projector could feature in cellphones

A projector small enough to be incorporated in a cellphone should be on the market next year.

Government may need warrant to access cellphone records

A federal appeals court has ruled that judges can force the government to get a warrant before accessing individuals' cellphone location records.

Device lets deaf phone users talk with sign language

As many as two million people in the US alone could soon get the chance to use their native language on a cellphone for the first time.

Phone operators look to replace credit cards

AT&T and Verizon are following the lead of overseas operators and introducing a wireless electronic payment system.

Cellphone system works where there's no coverage

An Australian team has trialled a mobile phone system that works even where there's no network signal.

New battery technology could let phones charge in minutes

Cellphones can recharge in a matter of minutes with a new battery technology developed by the Department of Energy and Vorbeck Materials.

Android takes another bite from Apple's market share

Google's Android platform is continuing to make steady gains in market share, increasing by almost a half from February to May.

Lobbyists scrap plans to defend cellphone use in cars

A tech industry lobbying group has abandoned its efforts to keep gadget use in cars legal after criticism from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

San Francisco rules on cellphone radiation

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a law requiring retailers to display the amount of radiation emitted by cellphones. It's likely to become law after a ten-day comment period.

Collapse in bee populations could be caused by cellphones

Cellphones could be to blame for the sharp decline in honeybee populations, according to Indian scientists.

Millions bewildered by cellphone 'bill shock'

One in six cellphone users has been hit with an unexpected bill that didn't reflect their monthly service plan, according to a report produced by the Federal Communications Commission.

Prepaid cellphones are dangerous weapons, say senators

The Times Square car bomber was aided in his attempt by the fact that he was wearing shoes, leading to a call from two US senators to make people register before buying footwear.

Australia to search travelers' laptops for porn

Be very, very careful next time you make that trek to the Antipodes - Australian Customs officials have been given the right to search incoming passengers' laptops and cellphones for pornography.