Cellphone monitors vital signs

A researcher has developed a heart monitoring smartphone app that he says is as accurate as standard medical monitors now in clinical use.

FCC readies cellphone emergency alert system

The FCC says it's ready to launch a new mobile telephone disaster alert system by the end of this year - but only in Washington and New York.

3D movies on a 3G cellphone

Those clever chaps at Fraunhofer have found a way to put 3D on a cellphone by combining the new LTE-Advanced mobile radio standard with a video coding technique.

Court clears warrantless cellphone searches

California's Supreme Court has ruled that the police don't need a warrant to read text messages held on a suspect's phone.

Nokia calls in Russian police over missing smartphone

Nokia has stropped off to the Russian police to try and regain an unreleased smartphone from a blogger that gave it a bad review.

Pedal power charges Nokia phones

Cyclists are often into renewable energy. It's obviously something Nokia has noticed, which is why it's launched a cellphone charger that draws its energy from the cyclist's pedal power.

Cellphones vulnerable to rootkit attacks

Computer scientists at Rutgers University say they've found a major security threat to smartphones that could cause them to eavesdrop on meetings, track their owners' travels, or rapidly lose all battery power.

Smartphone UI lives your life for you

As if predictive text wasn't bad enough, an Israeli company has launched a totally predictive interface for Android phones.