This Android phone is airplane friendly

Everyone knows you aren’t allowed to talk on your cell phone during a flight. 

Tiny humanoid cell phone adds personal touch to cold phone convos

Japanese researchers have developed a human-shaped mobile phone with a skin-like casing to make people feel closer to the person they’re talking to. Weird!

Is water damage a death sentence for smartphones?

Cell phones damaged by liquid are becoming more and more common these days since we bring such devices pretty much everywhere with us. The beach, pool, and even the bar can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting iPhone, Droid, or iPad when exposed to liquid.

DoT wants a cell phone kill switch

If the urge to use your cell phone while driving is stronger than your desire to follow the law, you are certainly not alone. 

Brits want cell phone kits to diagnose STDs

British researchers are apparently hard at work developing small, inconspicuous cell phone kits capable of diagnosing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) on the fly.

US adults snub mobile apps

Did you know that only 24% percent of American adults who own smartphones run mobile apps?

Are cell phones replacing handheld gaming consoles?

The video game industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift as attention turns away from consoles and handhelds towards the rapidly growing cell phone market.

China cracks down on gray-market cell phones

Beijing has finally moved to curtail China's infamous "gray" cell phone market.

More Americans accessing the Net on mobile devices

A recent study conducted by Pew indicates that more Americans are accessing the Internet on mobile devices.

Cyrene Quiamco's Aeolus mobile phone breaks wind

Breaks wind barrier in phone technology. Damn you short headlines designed for ADD Internets.

Skeptical Sony questions Nintendo 3DS announcement

A skeptical Sony spokesperson has questioned the logic of Nintendo's decision to market a 3D handheld device.