A simple, cheap way to increase solar cell efficiency

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found an easy way to modify the molecular structure of a polymer commonly used in solar cells. Their modification can increase solar cell efficiency by more than 30 percent.

Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack Fighting Cell Phone Terror

John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, together again. Both actors are great, and it’s odd to think about them working together, but they have indeed worked before in the acclaimed Stephen King adaptation 1408.

Stephen King's Cell is back

Even though we cover a lot of technology here on TG, I for one would like to state for the record that I hate cell-phones. It also infuriates me that with so many cell phones, Blackberrys, and iPhones out there, you still can’t get your messages returned or get anyone to pick up the phone to save your life.

Ancient viruses trapped in our DNA

Scientists have uncovered clues as to how our genomes became riddled with viruses, some dating back 100 million years.

Venter team creates first synthetic living cell

In what is being hailed as the greatest scientific breakthrough in a generation, researchers have created the first artificial living cell.