How celebrities spread Twitter's biggest-ever story

Steve Martin and Kim Kardashian drove the breaking of the news of Osama bin Laden's death.

Killing celebrities via Twitter

No, Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi are not dead, they’re both alive and well, but somebody’s trying to kill them off in cyberspace via Twitter.

Celebs called out on misleading pseudoscience

X Factor producer Simon Cowell, TV host Bill O'Reilly and actress Gwyneth Paltrow have all come in for special mentions in Sense About Science's Celebrities and Science report.

Man charged over celebrity hack

The FBI says it's charged a man for hacking into the email accounts of dozens of celebrities.

Google adds celebrity endorsements to search results

It's always difficult to know what to buy without the help of reality TV stars. So Google is planning to help out its users by tipping them off when a celebrity's endorsed a product they're interested in.

Facebook adds 'Follow' - sorry, 'Subscribe' - button

Facebook's swiped an idea from Twitter and has introduced a new 'subscribe' button, allowing users to focus on the news they're most interested in and also follow celebrities.

Twitter account exposes celebrity gagging orders

A controversial legal tool in the UK used to protect celebrities' privacy has been defied by a single Twitter user who is posting details of a series of alleged indiscretions.

Celebrity tweets carry more weight than newspapers

Move over, the New York Times - an analysis of Twitter trends has shown that celebrities often have more influence on peoples' opinions on big news stories than major news organizations.

Stalking website vows to launch next week

A new celebrity-stalking website that tracks its victims in real time is launching next week, despite having been repudiated by Twitter.