Amazon AutoRip turns your CDs into MP3s

Amazon has introduced its AutoRip platform, a service that offers users free MP3 versions of CDs purchased from the Seattle-based company.

Compact discs - is the end near?

Late last year we covered a controversial report about the alleged end of compact discs, which claimed what's left of the music business may stop manufacturing CDs by the end of 2012.

Report: CDs are officially over

The public hasn't really been into music CDs for quite some time, but now it's reportedly official. 

Yes, major record labels will finally cease production of CDs next year.

UK moves to loosen copyright restrictions

A UK government report has recommended sweeping changes to the country's copyright laws.

Promo CDs can be sold, court rules

It's OK to sell on a CD, DVD or game you got free with a magazine or in a bar - if you can find anyone to buy it, that is.