Diets & Dieting: Is it Time to End the Debate?

Health and our search for how to optimize it has become a major industry in the U.S. With nearly 70 percent of the population considered overweight or obese, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s no wonder that diet and exercise are hot ...

The advent of robotic bees

A mysterious disease is sweeping through U.S. communities, killing millions of valuable workers, but you haven’t heard about it on the nightly news.

No, the zombie apocalypse is not upon us

It's definitely a compliment to a horror director if audiences feel their movies are realistic, or too real. 

Prescription painkiller deaths triple

Abuse of prescription painkillers is rocketing, killing 15,000 people every year - more than heroin and cocaine combined.

Antidepressant use jumps by 400%

The rate of antidepressant use in the United States skyrocketed by nearly 400% over the past decade - with 11% of Americans aged 12 and over taking antidepressant medication. 

Analysis: Are the CDC, Feds in denial over health issues?

It’s funny to hear what government types will say. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that the health care system is to blame for causing heart disease, not a poor diet and lack of exercise.

25% of US households have a cell phone but no landline

One-fourth of American homes now has no traditional landline even though they do have mobile phone service, while only 15% have a landline with no cell phone.