Under the Dome needs to get out

Development moves forward on the television adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

The state of genre television - Fall 2012

Last year at this time it seemed like we were entering a 'golden age' of genre television. How did that hold up?

Microsoft's newest hire linked to Xbox TV content

Microsoft has hired a network television executive.

Aereo not a concern to CBS

An online platform that lets users stream live TV with no money going to the networks isn't something CBS is concerned about.

Star Trek: TNG coming to theaters

CBS Home Entertainment and Fathom Events have confirmed they will be bringing Star Trek: The Next Generation to movie theaters for a one-night event.

Elementary preview deduces the details

CBS has released a preview for its upcoming ‘modern’ Sherlock Holmes serial, Elementary.

On Jericho's potential return... To Netflix

Netflix is currently in talks with CBS about obtaining the television rights to the defunct dystopian sci-fi serial, Jericho.

Netflix's next TV resurrection might be 'Jericho'

After gaining commendation for bringing back the cult TV classic Arrested Development, Netflix is working on bringing another dead TV show back from the grave.

Is JJ Abrams holding Star Trek hostage?

New Star Trek television may happen, but only at the behest of J.J. Abrams.

CBS blocks lost Star Trek episode

CBS has decreed that a lost Star Trek script titled "He Walked Among Us" will not be filmed or aired decades after it was first penned.

Liu to take on Watson in Elementary

The producers of Elementary have chosen Lucy Liu to the play the female lead on the show.

Sherlock Holmes may not be so elementary after all

Last week, CBS ordered a pilot for a new show tentatively dubbed Elementary, a crime procedural which places Sherlock Holmes in modern-day New York City.

Anonymous accelerates Megaupload retaliatory campaign

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous stepped up their Megaupload retaliatory campaign over the weekend in response to the shuttering of the popular file-sharing site.

The numbers of Person of Interest

We’re halfway through the first season of Person of Interest, a CBS science fiction crime drama which follows the story of a man who is recruited to help stop crime predicted by a prescient machine.

On the Person of Interest

We’re two episodes into J.J. Abrams’ newest speculative fiction mystery, Person of Interest, and it clearly has broad appeal.

Source Code to be adapted for television

CBS and ABC have clinched a deal in which the latter network's studios will produce a TV adaptation of this summer’s surprise hit film, Source Code.

This fall’s genre pilots and renewals

All four of the major networks have checked in and announced their fall line-ups.

Star Trek enters Netflix streaming orbit

CBS and Netflix have clinched a potentially lucrative two-year licensing deal for the latter company to stream two classic sci-fi series: "Star Trek" (all generations ) and "The Twilight Zone."

Sony eyes Hulu content for PS3 consoles

Sony is reportedly close to clinching an agreement with Hulu for a paid TV service that would stream content to its flagship Playstation 3 (PS3) console.

Superbowl ads super-lame

The superbowl may be over, but perhaps even more brutal than the post-game analysis is the commentary over the ads which played almost as big a part as the whole ball-ing drama itself.