Hunger Games Catching Fire Officially One of the Biggest Movies of All Time

While dystopian stories for teens and young adults may not last forever, The Hunger Games and Diversion are certainly going to milk the genre for all its worth. The Hunger Games should especially stay strong until the movies finally wrap up in 2015, and Catching Fire is now officially one of the biggest grossing films of all time. 

Catching Fire Knocks Iron Man 3 Off the Box Office Throne

Just as what we’ve called The Console Wars had a surprise ending, the big box office race of 2013 also had an interesting twist as well. Not so much a surprise ending really, but another big movie has unseated Iron Man 3 as the box office champ of 2013.

New App Tells Us When To Go to the Bathroom at the Movies

How many times have we had to go to the bathroom at a movie, but we’re not sure when’s a good time to flee because we don’t want to miss anything? Some movies, you know when’s a good time to take a tinkle, and some you can’t tell.

Could Catching Fire Make a Billion?

We all knew The Hunger Games: Catching Fire would make a big pile of money, that was a given. Yet the first week, it only came out a little bit ahead of the original. What a difference a holiday makes. 

Doctor Who Beats the Hunger Games

On November 24, Doctor Who had his 50th anniversary with the episode Day of the Doctor. The show was broadcast simultaneously world-wide, and in his native England he did very well in the ratings, with over 10 million people tuning in to watch him. However, it was not the top rated show that night. Strictly Come Dancing, a reality TV contest, was.

Hunger Games Catching Fire to Score Huge at the Box Office

The next installment of The Hunger Games is of course going to make big money at the box office. How big? What are the box office pundits predicting? Try $950 million world-wide.

Mockingjay has a screenwriter; Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has a director

Both Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Hunger Games have hit similar bumps in the road by losing their directors.

The Hunger Games begin again

On September 10, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire officially began production. 

Jennifer Lawrence and the $10 million Hunger Games deal

It seems like Jennifer Lawrence is now officially a major movie star. 

On Hunger Games: Catching Fire

With the next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, about a month away from shooting, there's several other developments happening around the franchise. 

Anticipation builds for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Phillip Seymour Hoffman has officially joined The Hunger Games and will be playing Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire.

Plutarch Heavensbee joins The Hunger Games

After becoming one of the biggest movies of the year, The Hunger Games hit a speed bump when director Gary Ross left the franchise because he didn't think he could get the film up and running in time to meet the studio deadline. 

Who's next for The Hunger Games?

As fans of The Hunger Games know, the next film in the series, Catching Fire, is currently slated to hit theaters next Thanksgiving, November 22, 2012, which means the movie will start shooting very soon.

The casting of Robocop and Catching Fire

The remake of Robocop is currently coming together for a potential September start date, and a targeted summer 2013 release.

Pixar alumni joining forces for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Pixar usually comes up as an example of great storytelling when you talk to people who know the craft of screenwriting. 

Director found for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Lionsgate has recruited Francis Lawrence to direct Catching Fire, the sequel to the wildly popular adventure film, The Hunger Games.

New Hunger Games director selected

As we all know, Hunger Games is the most popular film in America right now. It’s been on top of the box office charts for a month straight, and it doesn’t look like its reign at the top will end any time soon.

The search for a Hunger Games director is on

The Hunger Games is still the number one movie in the country, going on its fourth week at the top of the box office charts, a feat no film has done since Avatar.

Yes, Gary Ross is officially done with Hunger Games

Lionsgate apparently tried its very best to hold it all together, but to no avail. 

Hunger Games sequel may lose director

Gary Ross is currently in negotiations with Lionsgate about directing Catching Fire, the upcoming movie based on the second book of the wildly popular Hunger Games trilogy.