I am Legend follow-up moves forward without Smith

Warner Bros. is currently developing a new movie to continue the story of I am Legend, but the studio may just have to find a way to do it without the star of the first film.

Warehouse 13 will return with Spiner

Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny has confirmed that Brent Spiner will be joining the cast of the popular detective fantasy serial.

A closer look at Mockingbird Lane (Munsters reboot)

The Munsters remake has got the whole family on board.

Herman Munster found in O’Connell

Casting has been somewhat difficult for the upcoming Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane.

Catching Fire seeks co-star

The second Hunger Games film needs a new male lead, and a few up and coming names in genre projects have been offered up for consideration.

Character list revealed for Game of Thrones season 3

Season two of HBO’s award winning fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, will be drawing to a close this coming Sunday and fans are already turning their attention to season three.

Highlander reboot begins casting, wants Reynolds

Summit Entertainment is attempting to recruit Ryan Reynolds to lead the cast of its upcoming relaunch of the classic action swordplay franchise.

Casting picks up on Rewind

Syfy has cast several new cast members for the pilot of its upcoming time-travel adventure serial Rewind.

We Are Mortals casting picks up

Warner Bros. has kicked off secondary casting for We Are Mortals, signaling that the development phase may be nearing its end.

Hunger Games sequel may lose director

Gary Ross is currently in negotiations with Lionsgate about directing Catching Fire, the upcoming movie based on the second book of the wildly popular Hunger Games trilogy. 

Casting begins for Mockingbird Lane (The Munsters)

Bryan Fuller of the fantastic Pushing Daisies, and Bryan Singer, of X-Men: First Class fame are working on a reboot of the classic black and white monster parody sitcom The Munsters.

Coleman will climb into the TARDIS this winter

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffatt has confirmed that Jenna-Louise Coleman will take on the role of The Doctor’s next companion.

Cast for Evil Dead remake finalized

Sam Raimi has reportedly hired all the actors for the principle cast of his Evil Dead remake.

Benz to lead Defiance

Syfy has cast the lead role in its upcoming sci-fi thriller Defiance, which will air alongside an accompanying video game being developed by Trion Worlds.

Liu to take on Watson in Elementary

The producers of Elementary have chosen Lucy Liu to the play the female lead on the show.

New Hercules adaptation in the works

MGM is finishing up development on an upcoming adaptation of the Hercules story based on classic Greek myths.

Star found for sci-fi Zorro remake

20th Century Fox has been struggling for some time to find a director for its upcoming film Zorro Reborn.

Whedon's In your Eyes casts its leads

The micro-budget romance will star mostly talented unknowns.

Arrow casting picks up CW regulars

This fall, The CW is bringing us a new look at DC’s Green Arrow. The playboy turned crime-fighting archer will receive a new origin story, along with a rather complicated family life.

Casting begins for Order of the Seven

You would think that with of all the studios working on Snow White adaptations, Disney would be the one out front, leading the charge ahead of the competition.