Apple gifts money to shareholders

Apple is trying to boost its share price by increasing its dividends to shareholders by 50 percent. The move will mean that shareholders will collect $15.7 billion of Apple's cash mountain.

Under pressure, Apple mulls big shareholder payout

Apple's responded to calls from shareholders to return some of its vast pile of cash, and says it's now actively looking at the idea.

Facebook approves real-money gambling app

Facebook's launching a gambling site that allows users to stake real money - but only in the UK.

CRT recycling challenge offers cash

What is the most economically and environmentally sound way to recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) glass used in older televisions?

AT&T hands out cash to merger backers

Why, what a surprise! It seems as if AT&T has been handing out wads of cash to groups that "coincidentally" support the corporation's controversial acquisition of T-Mobile.

Epic fail! TSA agents steal $160,000 from passengers

Two TSA agents were arrested today at Kennedy Airport in NYC for stealing at least $160,000 in cash from checked passenger bags. Are we shocked and awed by this rather epic fail? No, unfortunately, we aren't. 

Apple decides to accept cash for, how nice

Most retailers cheer at the sight of cash for purchases, because they don't have to pay any of the fees associated with a credit card transaction. But apparently US currency just wasn't good enough for Apple, until recently.

Steve Jobs plans "big, bold" risks with $25 billion Apple war chest

Steve Jobs has reportedly told company shareholders that Apple's $25 billion cash war chest will allow the corporation to take "big, bold" risks in the future.