Lone inventor creates stronger steel

A Detroit inventor has found a way to make steel seven percent stronger than any steel on record, offering the promise of lighter, thinner car bodies and stronger armored vehicles.

Ford teams with Google for cars that can read your mind

Ford is using Google's Prediction API to try and predict driver behavior and optimize performance.

Nevada to consider legalizing self-driving cars

Google's pushing for driverless cars to be made legal in Nevada.

Chevy in Cruze SNAFU as steering wheel just falls off

Apparently, the scene where a driver loses control and, in a panic, pulls the steering wheel off the car isn’t just a Hollywood invention.

Pineapple fibres make plastic as strong as Kevlar

The cars of the future could be made from pineapples or bananas, Brazilian scentists say.

Zero-emission vehicles finish 17,000-mile race

An 80-day, 17,000-mile electric car road race has ended in Geneva, with three of the original four entrants reaching the finishing line.

Device lets insurance giant track miles, speed, braking behaviors

They say it sounds like Big Brother, but a high-tech piece of equipment that tracks your driving could bring you big savings on car insurance. That is enough for some people to accept it with open arms.

Cars worse than planes for global temperatures

Driving a car helps hike global temperatures in the long run more than making the same long-distance journey by air, the American Chemical Society says.

Lobbyists scrap plans to defend cellphone use in cars

A tech industry lobbying group has abandoned its efforts to keep gadget use in cars legal after criticism from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

Intel showcases Moorestown platform at IDF Beijing

Intel is showcasing its oft-delayed Moorestown platform at the annual developers conference in Beijing. 

Software keeps car in the right lane

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a system that allows a car to stay in its lane without human control.

HD Radio gets new slate of support from BMW, Ford, others

At the New York International Auto Show, the company behind HD Radio technology announced that seven automakers have renewed their commitment to providing HD Radio as a standard feature.

Nvidia's GTX 480 takes center stage at Pax East 2010

Nvidia kicked off day one of Pax East 2010 by launching its next-generation GTX 470/480 in front of a packed and excited audience.

Hacker brings 100 cars to a halt

Drivers in Austin, Texas thought their cars were possessed when their horns started honking in the middle of the night or their vehicles simply wouldn't start.

Prototype car learns to drive itself

An EU-funded project has created a car that learns from its driver - all very well, we reckon, as long as the driver is halfway competent.

Future cars could have the battery on the outside

Cars, mobile phones and computers could be powered by their bodywork, thanks to new battery technology.