Nissan hit with major cyber attack

Nissan has confirmed that it recently suffered a major cyber attack. As of now, the car manufacturer isn't certain who executed the operation or what information may have been extracted.

Electric vehicle sales slow as reality sets in

The electric vehicle market isn't exactly booming today. Yes, there may be several reasons, but mostly it's the price.

Video game tech adapted for real world driving

If you've ever played a racing game with a specialized steering wheel, chances are you've experienced haptic feedback when hitting an object, another vehicle, or veering off the side of the road.

Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hits the track

German automaker Porsche is responsible for some of the most iconic sports cars ever designed, including the venerable 911 and other notable vehicles for both the street and the racetrack.

EV reality sets in as consumers favor fuel-efficient vehicles

For many years, major auto shows attendees could count on seeing new hybrid or electric vehicles being heavily marketed.

This futuristic Audi is tricked-out with OLED panels

For innumerable decades, drivers have attempted to set their vehicles apart from the rest by customizing their ride with everything from wheels to paint.

California senator wants to legalize autonomous vehicles

There are several states and various industry heavyweights that envision an autonomous future for automobiles.

Ferrari fires up F12 Berlinetta

When it comes to exotic sports cars, the name Ferrari certainly comes to mind for most auto enthusiasts. Indeed, the auto manufacturer has always been about speed - building some of the fastest vehicles in history.

Ford sees automated cars within a decade

There are several companies putting a lot of money and time into developing technology for automated vehicles.

GM preps Cruze diesel engine for US roads

GM has confirmed that it will be leaning on some of its European expertise to develop the diesel engine that will power the Cruze when it hits US roads in in 2013.

Tighter restrictions proposed on in-car gadgets

Carmakers should disable built-in electronic devices while the vehicle's in motion, under new proposals from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

BMW touts 2013 M6 convertible and coupe

BMW has released a number of new images showcasing its latest M model, the sleek 2013 M6.

Ford Shelby GT500 convertible packs 650hp

Ford has officially rolled out its sleek 2013 Shelby GT500 convertible at the Chicago Auto Show.

Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf sales dip in January

GM and Nissan have published their respective January (2012) sales figures for the green Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.

Cars getting more and more hackable, security firm warns

As the number of electronic systems used in cars increases, McAfee is warning that they're becoming increasingly vulnerable to hackers.

D23 - Pixar’s plans revealed

Pixar has made some of the greatest animated genre films ever, and this weekend the famous studio offered a glimpse into the future at D23. 

Hackers unlock car via text

Two security researchers from iSec Partners have shown at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas they can unlock a Subaru Outback and actually start the engine - all remotely.

White House touts new era of fuel efficiency

The Obama administration has clinched an agreement with 13 major automakers to increase fuel economy to 54.5 miles per gallon for cars and light-duty trucks by 2025.

Applying the brakes with brain power alone

German researchers have used drivers' brain signals, for the first time, to assist in braking, providing much quicker reaction times, they say.

Ford adds smartphone voice control to new vehicles

Ford is adding its Sync AppLink software to ten new vehicles in 2012. The platform allows a driver to "sync" a smartphone with his or her car for a hands-free, voice navigation experience.