Yahoo has a new CEO, but Steve Jobs points the way

Much like Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson is leaving a company at which he was successful.

Leaked memo suggests Yahoo is up for sale

Rumors that Yahoo was up for sale again boosted the firm's stock price towards the end of the week and a  leaked memo from cofounder Jerry Yang added fuel to the acquisition flames.

Carol Bartz to walk with $14 million severance

Carol Bartz was ousted from her spot as CEO of Yahoo, but don't shed too many tears for her.

You’re so fired

When the news hit that Carol Bartz was fired from Yahoo, and terminated over the phone no less, it obviously conjured up a lot of bad memories for many people.

How Yahoo can be turned around

There is a unique skill to turning around a company. It requires pragmatism and an inherent toughness because, typically, you have to first cut the corporation down to a foundation you can build from.  

Yahoo CEO Bartz is fired

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been fired - by telephone. The move's a sudden one, with chief financial officer Tim Morse being named by the board as interim CEO while the company finds a permanent replacement.

Yahoo CEO has the gall to diss Apple

Carol Bartz, the CEO of Yahoo, has nothing but bad things to say about Apple's iAd mobile advertising platform. Yahoo!? Really?

Nokia and Yahoo to announce big new partnership

Nokia and Yahoo, two powerhouse companies that have been blindsighted by emerging technologies around them, are apparently working on something big.

Yahoo! to Google: You's slacking

Carol Bartz, who is my favorite person in the whole world for the next three minutes, thinks Google's kind of one dimensional. Oooh, burn!

US and EU approve Microsoft-Yahoo mega search deal

The US and EU have approved a mega search deal - without restrictions - between Microsoft and Yahoo.