Report: Carbon emissions to impact climate beyond the day after tomorrow

Future warming from fossil fuel burning could be more intense and longer-lasting than previously thought. This prediction emerges from a new study by Richard Zeebe at the University of Hawai'i who includes insights from episodes of climate change in the geologic past to inform projections of man-made future climate change.

EU forced to freeze law on airline carbon emissions

The European Union (EU) has been forced to freeze the law requiring all flights using EU airports to pay for carbon emissions under the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme.

Wind power's CO2-cutting impact disputed

Inconsistency of supply is one of the biggest drawbacks of renewables such as wind and solar. 

Put simply: the wind doesn't blow all day, and the sun doesn't shine at night.

Keep the clunker? Smart routes curb emissions

Looking for an easy way to burn less gas and cut down on carbon emissions while driving - without shelling out for a more energy efficient vehicle? 

Solar power feeds into Israeli power grid

The desert might seem like the most obvious place to take advantage of solar power, but most view the space as barren wasteland.