Navy turns sea water into jet fuel

Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory are developing a process to extract carbon dioxide from seawater and use it to produce hydrogen gas, which can then be catalytically converted into jet fuel.

Dry ice falls as snow on Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has returned the first definitive evidence of carbon dioxide snowfalls on Mars - the only place this is known to happen anywhere in our solar system.

Sea otters help fight global warming

Sea otters are an up-to-now unsuspected ally in the fight against global warming, say scientists from UC Santa Cruz.

Global CO2 emissions continue to rise

Human beings pumped out three percent more carbon dioxide last year than the year before, to reach an all-time high of 34 billion tonnes.

Bacteria turn CO2 into soil improver

Tiny microbes and a tropical tree can be used to lock up carbon dioxide - and turn it into an agricultural soil improver.

Yes, it snows on Mars

Clouds of snow blanket the Red Planet's poles during the dead of a Martian winter. However, unlike Earth's water-based snow, the particles on Mars are actually frozen crystals of carbon dioxide.  

Claim: Wind farms may raise local temperature

Carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels has been linked to rising global temperatures in a number of studies.

Earth's wobble led to CO2 release that ended last Ice Age

Rising levels of carbon dioxide have for the first time been definitively linked to the global warming that led to the last Ice Age.

Carbon dioxide in oceans gives fish a deathwish

The increasing amount of dissolved carbon dioxide oceans is driving fish crazy, Australian researchers say.

A lean, mean, pollution-eating building!?

Most of the world is taking small steps to reduce energy consumption – such as changing to CFL light bulbs or Energy Star appliances, and perhaps installing a few solar panels.

California to deploy CO2 monitoring stations

Next time you check the weather on your desktop icon or mobile phone app, will you be ale to get an update on the carbon dioxide and methane concentrations in the air, as well?

Global warming may not be as severe as predicted

As atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, the planet won't get as hot as previous studies have indicated, new research shows.

Greenhouse gases hit record high

Despite everything, there are now record quantities of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, according to UN agency the World Meteorological Organization.

Artificial photosynthesis closer to reality

Photosynthesis is the process that allows plants to use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into sugars and other hydrocarbons. 

Chatting bacteria hike atmospheric CO2

Bacteria in the ocean are communicating and cooperating in a phenomenon which could be having a significant impact on the planet's climate.

Mystery deepens over ice age rise in CO2

The large increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide at the end of the last ice age wasn't released by the oceans, scientists have concluded.

Underground CO2 storage safe, say scientists

Storing carbon dioxide underground poses little threat to health, scientists from the University of Edinburgh claim.

Polar sea ice could recover if CO2 levels fall

Good news, for once: new research indicates that, for polar sea ice at least, there's no 'tipping point' from which recovery is impossible.

Multiferroic alloy turns waste heat to energy

Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a new alloy capable of converting heat directly into electricity. 

Comet is 'hyperactive' say astronomers

Comet Hartley 2 is an excitable little chap - in a class of its own, say astronomers.