Video: Nissan DeltaWing burns rubber

If the Caped Crusader turned from fighting crime to a life of auto racing, the Nissan DeltaWing would undoubtedly be his vehicle of choice.

$107K Fisker Karma bricks during testing

Fisker may manufacture some of the sexiest electric vehicles on the planet, but it's beginning to look like the cars may have some serious issues.

Introducing... the invisible Mercedes?!

Various types of technology can be used to help make vehicles greener and save at the fuel pump. Typically, though, most people tend to think only about electric vehicles or hybrids when it comes to green car technology.

The future intersections of autonomous vehicles

Google, along with other like-minded companies, are working to develop vehicles capable of autmomous navigation.

Mithos fantasy car has its curves in all the right places

Generally, when we write about cars on TG Daily, we're discussing real vehicles that are likely to come to market at some point in the near future.

Transparent car roof is light source at night

BASF and Philips have developed an OLED car roof that can flip between acting as a window and a light source, giving light when switched on but becoming transparent when turned off.

Google wins patent for self-driving cars

Google's won a patent relating to driverless cars, showing just how close to widespread acceptance the technology is.

World's smallest car is a billionth the size of yours

Dutch researchers say they've created the world's smallest electric vehicle - consisting of just a single molecule.

Car crosses Australia using wind power

A wind-powered car has just completed its first long road trip - from Perth to Sydney - at a cost of just $15.

New Volkswagen does 313 miles to the gallon

Volkswagen has created what it calls the world's most economic car, running for 313 miles on a single gallon of diesel.

2nd Life for electric vehicle batteries?

Second life for electric car batteries? No, it’s not a world of electric virtual avatars - it’s a plan under development by Duke Energy and Tokyo-based cleantech ITOCHU to develop applications for spent car batteries.

Ford decides who will get all electric Focus first

The Ford Motor Company is going to be launching its first all-electric, zero pollution car, the Ford Focus Electric. It will go on sale in late 2011 and like the rest of the electric cars; it will only be available in limited markets.

Environmentally friendly car full of crap, runs off it

Engineers from GENeco are obsessed with feces, in an environmentally friendly way. They have converted a VW Beetle to run off of methane gas that comes from human waste.

Canadian firm prints out a car

A Canadian company has produced a prototype of the world's first 3D printed car.

Canadians build car from cannabis

A Canadian company will next month launch what would surely be a hippy's perfect car - one built largely from cannabis.

Researchers hack into moving car's security system

A team of university researchers has shown that it is possible to infiltrate a car's computer system while it is moving at highway speeds, proving the security risks of having computer-controlled vehicles.

Intel Atom powers 1,000 mph car

Intel's Atom processor can be found inside everything from netbooks to smartphones. But now 7 of the ubiquitous chips have been spotted inside the Bloodhound SSC, a jet and rocket-powered supersonic car expected to break the 1,000 mph barrier.

Car for the blind to debut at Daytona

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and Virginia Tech are developing a new  car that can be driven safely by a blind person - and plan  to demonstrate it on the famous Daytona International Speedway track next year.

Coke and Mentos drive new rocket car

We're not sure about its green credentials, but this is one alternative car. Powered only by Coke and Mentos, it has an impressive 221-foot range.

Security researchers say they can take over a car

A team says it's found ways to hack cars to disable the brakes or lock people inside.