Video: YouTube debuts Capture for iPhone and iPod touch

Google has launched its new Captured app for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, with support for Android expected at some point in the near future.

Some stars capture alien planets

Billions of stars in our galaxy may have captured rogue planets, kicked out of the star systems in which they formed.

Team suggests capturing asteroid in Earth orbit

Part of the difficulty of studying asteroids is that they just won't keep still. NASA's current dawn mission to study Vesta, for instance, has taken eight years so far and cost $360 million even before it launched.

Droid X takes Android to the max

Motorola and Verizon have unveiled a supercharged Droid that features a 4.3-inch high-res display, 1GHz processor, 8 GB of onboard Flash memory, a 16GB MicroSD card and 3G Mobile HotSpot capabilities.