Captain America's superhero anxiety

With the Captain America film living up to expectations, and the character coming back in next year's Avengers, Chris Evans is now officially a star, which he's admitted he's a bit nervous about. 

Rumor: Joss Whedon is mussing up Marvel Film Universe Canon

The clear canon of the MFU is the strongest aspect of the films. Indeed, the connection between the movies is widely noted as the number one prerequisite being done correctly to make the Marvel films really work.

Marvel sets up comic tie-in for The Avengers

In an almost surreal turn, Marvel has confirmed it will be releasing Road to the Avengers - a comicbook based on the Marvel Film Universe canon - this spring.

Captain America in Harry Potter slap down

There's been a lot of speculation lately as to whether superhero movies still had life in them or not, with Captain America being the latest Marvel franchise, and the last superhero movie of the summer.

The shield and ice of Captain America: The First Avenger

The newest Marvel film certainly does not disappoint.

On Captain America and Harry Potter

It's a big weekend for comic heroes and all things geek with Comic Con, and Captain America hitting the screen, going up against the box office juggernaut of Harry Potter.

Captain America - we all want what we can't have

Actor Chris Evans says he initially resisted the role of Captain America. Many times, in fact.

The airbrushes and drawing tables in My Life in Comics

Joe Simon’s autobiography covers his entire life up to this point and it is filled with the comics industry.

Has vapid celebrity journalism hit bottom?

Pop quiz hot shot, what's the last celebrity profile you've read?

Marvel reveals plans for post-Avengers Avengers

It’s well known at this point that all of the current Marvel film properties are building up to the Avenger’s film next spring. What may be surprising is how much is planned for afterward.

Captain America: The First Avenger gets first trailer

Today we get our first look at the new Captain America: The First Avenger.

Marvel is in fact interested in 3D movies

Although Marvel's film studios specifically decided not to incorporate 3D into Iron Man 2, they will step into the big cinema craze with future productions.

Marvel brings comics to the iPad

Marvel Entertainment has launched an app for the iPad that offers easy access to over 500 comic books, including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor.