Canada closes Facebook privacy investigation... and opens another one

Canada's privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says she's completed her review of Facebook's privacy practices - but that the company's introduced so many new features since she began that she's going to have to start all over again.

Northern lights to be streamed nightly online

Most of us never get a chance to see the northern lights for real, as they only tend to be visible in the far north - but now there's an alternative.

Canadians finally getting Netflix, eh?

Call in the Mounties because Canada is about to get flooded with something that heretofore has only been available in the United States of America - Netflix instant streaming.

Woman sues phone company for revealing her affair

For sheer nerve, it takes some beating. A Canadian woman is suing her local phone carrier for invasion of privacy and breach of contract - because her itemized bill let her husband find out she was having an affair.

Facebook keeps tabs on users' happiness

Facebook continues in its mission to monitor our wellbeing, expanding its Gross National Happiness Index (GNH) to Canada, the UK and Australia.