Canada eyes in-stream tidal power

Everyone knows that the Bay of Fundy is a one big fat juicy tidal power possibility. Now there’s a real live bid to take a bite out of it – or, rather, several small bites out of it – on the Nova Scotia side of the Bay, incentivized by a feed-in tariff program that’s designed to encourage smaller-scale, locally based projects.

Geothermal turns to crowdsourcing

The Canadian Geothermal Energy Association, feeling left out in the cold by the Canadian government, says it will turn to crowdsourcing in an effort to boost geothermal’s prospects in the country.

Why the NSA leak may boost Blackberry (and force us to move to Canada)

We seem to have learned three important lessons in the wake of the latest NSA leak. First off, the US and Chinese government have an uncomfortable number of things in common.

Facebook claims politician's scalp

It looks like those morons who add you to Facebook groups without your permission have managed to claim a high-profile scalp.

It's official: hackers really are dweebs

The stereotype of a hacker being antisocial man-children who live in their parents' basements is apparently true, according to a new study from the University of Montreal.

Brit becomes head of Intel Canada

A 51-year old man born in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England has been appointed the country manager of Intel Canada.

WhatsApp still failing on privacy, finds probe

The WhatsApp mobile messaging service is still breaching privacy laws, an investigation by the Dutch and Canadian provacy watchdogs has concluded.

New two-ton dinosaur discovered

Scientists say they've - rather belatedly - identified a completely new type of large, horned dinosaur after re-examining fossils originally collected in 1958.

NBC, Lady Gaga websites hacked

Several NBC sites were hacked over the weekend, in the run-up to Guy Fawkes' Night.

Canada's far north could be forested by century's end

Recently discovered ancient forests in Canada's extreme north could be thriving again by 2100, new research indicates.

'Child porn' scareware hits Canada

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has issued a warning about scammers who claim that a user's PC is associated with child porn, and demand money to fix the problem.

The iPhone overtakes RIM in Canada

Research in Motion's Blackberry brand is now struggling to be the leader in the company's home market of Canada.

Canadians use Twitter to defy election law

Thousands of rebellious Twitter users have been defying Canadian election rules by posting results before all polls across the country were closed.

Music companies lose two legal battles

The US Supreme Court has ruled that a price-fixing suit against several major music labels can go ahead, rejecting an attempt by the record companies to appeal.

Climate change to continue for at least a thousand years

Even under the best-case scenarios, rising CO2 levels in the Earth's atmosphere will cause unstoppable effects to the climate for at least the next 1,000 years, say Canadian researchers.

Ten-year-old discovers supernova

A ten-year-old Canadian girl has become the youngest-ever person to discover a supernova.

Google Street View scanning broke Canadian law

Canada's privacy commissioner has ticked off Google over its unauthorized collection of personal data with its Street Vew cars, saying it broke local laws.

Canada and US pay most for cellphone plans

The US is amongst the most expensive countries on the world for cellphone service, a study from a non-profit public policy institute has found.

Netflix says sorry to 'self-absorbed' Americans

It's not been a good week for Netflix, despite the successful launch of its streaming video service in Canada.

Netflix is "embarrassed" by rogue actors in Canada

Yesterday was a big day for Netflix as it launched its streaming video service in Canada, but the company has some egg on its face after it appeared as though it paid actors to pretend to be excited during the announcement.