Microsoft ads attack Google over privacy

Microsoft has launched an aggressive PR campaign against Google, claiming users are being 'scroogled' by its privacy practices.

Google vows to push governments on gay rights

Google has launched a global campaign aimed at persuading governments to decriminalise homosexuality and eliminate homophobia.

The Etch a Sketch is back and on the campaign trail

Who still has fond memories of playing with their Etch a Sketch? I certainly do, and like many of my young brethren spent many hours doodling away with it.

Mass Effect 3 takes to the skies

Over the years, I've seen some very strange gimmicks to promote video games. At least two of the most memorable campaigns were run by EA in honor of its popular Godfather franchise.

Anonymous keeps it legal with latest PayPal attack

Hacker groups Anonymous and LulzSec are calling for a boycott of PayPal, following the prosecution of 14 people for allegedly carrying out DDoS attacks against the online payment company last year.

Ken dumps Barbie over rainforest destruction

We've had Barbie the princess, Barbie the doctor, and now we've a new model - Barbie the evil tiger killer.

Ohio police arrest suspected Anonymous activist

Law enforcement officials have arrested a suspected Anonymous activist in Cleveland, Ohio.

Campaign launched to build Babbage's steam-powered computer

A campaign has been launched to build the first working model of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine - 173 years after it was designed.

Facebook tells Greenpeace: 'We're just as green as you'

Facebook has told Greenpeace to get its own house in order, after the environmental campaigning group criticized the company for using non-renewable sources to power its new data center.

Facebook downs 'Boycott BP' page - by accident, it says

BP says it had nothing to do with the sudden removal of a 'Boycott BP' page from Facebook - it was all Facebook's fault, it says.