More smartphones head into space

NASA has put three more smartphones into orbit on board of an Antares rocket. The tiny satellites were built in a standard cubesat frame and they were built using off-the-shelf components. They may very well be the cheapest satellites ever launched, Gizmag reckons.

Android meant for cameras, not smartphones

Smart cameras are finally starting to show up, but according to outgoing Android boss Andy Rubin, they could have been around for years. Speaking at an event in Tokyo, Rubin said Android was originally conceived as an operating system for cameras, not phones. 

Home security camera feeds posted to web

Images of children in their bedrooms have been freely available on the web, following a security breach by webcam company Trendnet.

Pedestrian-detector to come to Mercedes cars

Top-of-the-range Mercedes vehicles will soon come equipped with an artificial vision system designed to detect pedestrians.

NYC hopes tech can help reduce traffic

Gridlock may not be synonymous with New York City for much longer.

Japan develops self-propelled capsule endoscope

It’s a fact of life that sometimes your doctor has to put an endoscope inside your body cavities to have a look around. At least Japan has developed a pill-sized model that’s self-propelled.

Apple patent reveals future iPod nano specs

A recently discovered patent indicates that Apple may be planning to add a camera and additional sensors to future generations of its multi-touch iPod nano.

James Cameron disappointed as NASA scraps 3D plans

NASA says it's abandoned plans for two high-resolution 3D cameras to be carried by the next Mars rover.

iPad 2 to add new features

The next generation iPad will boast two cameras, a new display and a USB port, according to a leading Taiwanese newspaper.

Cops and cameras in the digital age

Camera technology is an everyday part of life. It is affordable and it is more portable than ever. And if you haven’t already noticed, there are cameras everywhere.

Microsoft targets "social generation" with new Kin phone

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows-based phone designed specifically for individuals who need help in "actively navigating" their social lives.

Firm promises professional-quality photos - from a cellphone

A California start-up has developed a new image sensor technology that it says can improve cellphone camera performance by four times.

ATM skimmer swallows Kingston flash drive

An accused ATM skimmer swallowed a Kingston flash drive during a federal raid in a desperate attempt to destroy potentially incriminating evidence.