NASA sues former Apollo astronaut

The U.S. government is suing former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell for attempting to sell one of  two cameras from the Apollo 14 lunar module Antares.

Lytro camera lets the viewer choose the focus

Silicon Valley start-up Lytro has launched a revolutionary camera that could make blurry pictures a thing of the past.

This 200-megapixel camera costs $45,000

Sure, 16 megapixels may seem like quite a lot by current mobile standards, but what about a 200 megapixel camera? 

'Eyeball' camera is first with zoom facility

Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois have created the first curvilinear camera, much like the human eye - but with a zoom capability.

College commits student over hidden camera

What sounds more nutso than "I think my landlord is hiding a camera in my bedroom?" 

If you answered nothing, then you're on the same page with what administrators at Brooklyn College thought when Nigerian national Chinemerem Eze came to them with this very claim.

MIT laser camera sees around corners

MIT researchers have developed a camera capable of capturing images of objects that are not in its direct line of sight.

Hacker turns Kinect into 3D camera

A UC Davis researcher has managed to turn the Xbox Kinect into a 3D video camera.

Sharp says it is working on 3D smartphone

Forget about 2D smartphones - those are sooo 20th century. That's right - personal communication is going 3D and we at TG Daily can't wait to try out the next-generation of handhelds in all their three-dimensional glory.

Report: Next-gen iPod Touch to feature 5MP camera

Apple's next-gen iPod Touch will reportedly feature an advanced, forward-facing 5MP camera capable of shooting HD video at 720p.

iPad-controlled quadricopter takes to the skies

An iPad-controlled quadricopter has taken to the skies above E3 in Los Angeles.

Homeland Security sharpens up surveillance

The Department of Homeland Security has developed a new type of surveillance camera which allows it to scan public areas much more thoroughly.

Android Lego bot solves Rubik's Cube in under 25 seconds

An ARM-powered Lego bot running Google's Android OS has managed to solve a scrambled Rubik's Cube in just under 25 seconds.

Video camera promises perfect focus everywhere

A new video camera is under development that's claimed to be able to focus on both near-field and distant objects simultaneously.

Ballmer: Natal to impact the "rest of our lives"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been busy pumping up the inevitable hype over Natal, which is expected to be unveiled at E3 in June.

RIM refreshes Blackberry lineup

RIM has introduced two new Blackberry smartphones: the classic Bold 9650 and compact Pearl 3G.

iPhone 4G pics hit the 'Net

Explicit pictures of a lost prototype iPhone 4G allegedly found in a Redwood City bar have hit the 'Net.

Why Android is better than Apple

Will Android-based smartphones such as the HTC Incredible crush Apple's next-gen iPhone (4G) in the perpetual battle for mobile dominance?

Android-powered iPad clone spotted in the wild

A Chinese-based company has introduced an Android-powered iPad clone that can be purchased for as little as $130-$198.

Motorola and Sprint debut "push-to-talk" Android smartphone

Motorola has debuted what it claims is the "world's first" push-to-talk Android-powered smartphone at CTIA 2010.

Robotic cognitive spy cam tips up

Human intelligence is apparently way overrated these days, as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) unveils details about its latest invention; a self guided drone camera which can get around by itself and beam back visual intelligence from behind enemy lines.