This eReader has a camera and OCR software

PocketBook has introduced a new eReader equipped with a 6-inch Carta eE Ink display and a camera.

New holographic process uses image-stabilized X-ray camera

A team headed by Stefan Eisebitt has developed a new X-ray holography method that will enable snap-shots of dynamic processes at highest spatial resolution. The efficiency of the new method is based on a X-ray focussing optics being firmly fixed to the object to be imaged.

Video: Raspberry Pi camera gets night vision

So the long-awaited Raspberry Pi camera finally became available to the DIY community earlier this month.

MeeGo emerges from obscurity

A group of former Nokia executives who left the company rather than work on Windows Mobile have created their first smartphone using Nokia's rejected operating system MeeGo.

Raspberry Pi camera module goes live

One of the most popular hardware products for modders and DIY enthusiasts is the Raspberry Pi.

TPmini is an Android Jelly Bean TV box with a camera

The TPmini can best be described as Android-powered (4.1, Jelly Bean) set-top box designed to rest on top of a flat TV screen with a camera pointed in the user's direction.

These Android set-top boxes boast front-facing cameras

The Chinese technology market has been on full tilt when it comes to producing Android-powered set-top boxes and mini PCs.

SVCam-evo Tracer is modder friendly

You don't have to be an expert photographer to realize that the camera you're looking at below is a bit strange.

Samsung launches Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Camera

Samsung debuted its Android-powered Galaxy Camera back in November, but neglected to roll out a WiFi only version - until today.

Palm-size MeCam drone streams video to your smartphone

When hearing the phrase "surveillance drone," most people probably think of large-scale unmanned flying aircraft deployed by the military or federal government.

Video: Enter, says the DoorBot

There is certainly no lack of devices on the market that will allow you to remotely view just who is knocking at your front door.  

The iPhone 5 pans 360°

Perhaps the most practical experience most of us have with 360° cameras and the images they produce is  Google's Street View platform.

Camera begins search for secret of dark energy

The newly-built Dark Energy Camera in Chile - the most powerful digital camera in the world - has captured its first images, as part of an effort to understand why the expansion of the universe is speeding up.

Samsung first to unveil Windows Phone 8 device

Samsung's revealed the world's first first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, along with other devices including a Windows RT tablet, a Galaxy 'phablet' and an Android-powered camera.

Video: This Raspberry Pi conducts surveillance missions

The Raspberry Pi has tipped up in a number of geek-related projects, including one where the bare-bones board was selected to power a model sailboat across the stormy Atlantic Ocean.

Gigapixel camera could revolutionize photography

Electrical engineers from Duke University and the University of Arizona have created the first gigapixel camer, and say it could be available to consumers within five years.

Facebook launches Camera photo-sharing app

Life goes on, IPO or no IPO, and yesterday Facebook released a new Camera for iOS app that allows users to shoot, filter and share photos.

MIT camera can see around corners

MIT researchers say they've developed a camera that can see round corners - useful for peeping toms and rescue workers.

Trillon fps camera fast enough to film photons

MIT's created a camera that can capture a trillion frames a second - the ultimate in slow motion, say its developers.

Lytro's 'living pictures' camera to ship early next year

Lytro's released the amazing wide field camera we wrote about back in June, which allows photographers and viewers to refocus pictures after they've been taken.