How big are the biggest black holes?

Astronomers have had to come up with a whole new word for black holes that are too big to be described as merely 'supermassive' - and now say there may be a lot more of them around then previously thought.

Cambridge center to study tech extinction risks

A proposed new center at Cambridge University will examine technologies, from biotechnology to artificial intelligence, that could perhaps threaten the future of our species.

Hawking too ill for 70th birthday celebration

Professor Stephen Hawking was too unwell to attend a conference marking his 70th birthday, but delivered his speech via a recording.

Newton's notebooks published online

Isaac Newton’s own annotated copy of his Principia Mathematica is being released online by Cambridge University, kicking off a project to create one of the world's most important digital libraries.

Research brings more efficient spintronics

As the size of conventional transistors - as predicted by Moore's Law - rapidly approaches the theoretical minimum, Cambridge University physicists say they've made a major step forward in spintronics - a possible successor to the transistor.

Microsoft testing white-space broadband in UK

Microsoft, BT, and other companies have teamed up to test a system providing broadband services via unused television spectrum.

Boffin develops satnav that knows when you're getting cross

There can be few satnav owners who haven't been tempted to throw the thing out of the car window as that patronisingly calm voice tells them to 'turn around where possible' for the umpteenth time.

Breakthrough could lead to effective cancer vaccines

Scientists researching cancer vaccines have made a significant breakthrough that could allow many cancers, including breast and colorectal cancers, to be targeted.