Call of Duty Black Ops II: the social factor

So how much does social media play in the unveiling of a new video game?

Activision teases "disruptive innovation" in Black Ops II

Activision wants to make sure that Call of Duty doesn't start to feel like it's getting stale.

Here's the world premiere Blacks Ops II trailer

As promised, Activision has released its first trailer for the new installment of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II confirmed

The annual entry to Activision's Call of Duty franchise this year will be a Black Ops II.

Report: CoD Black Ops 2 details leak

I played just about every one of the Call of Duty games going back to the start of the franchise. Out of all them, one of my very favorites is CoD: Black Ops.

Modern Warfare 3 DLC makes its way to PS3

Several weeks after Xbox 360 owners first got their hands on new Modern Warfare 3 maps, the content is finally heading to PS3.

Call of Duty prank leads to real-life SWAT raid

What would you do if, during the middle of a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops you found yourself in the middle of a real-life police presence outside your house?

Call of Duty Elite reaches 1.5 million subscribers

1.5 million gamers are so addicted to the Call of Duty franchise that they have become openly willing to pay for the new premium version of what once was free.

Call of Duty Elite on PS3 ruffles feathers

Activision's new premium Call of Duty service is not sitting well with some PS3 gamers.

Is Old Republic the most expensive video game ever?

With the long-awaited Red Tails finally hitting theaters and George Lucas announcing (threatening?) his retirement, it's obviously a big turning point in the history of Star Wars.

Gaming down in 2011

As we’ve often reported on TG, gaming isn’t exactly a stable business to be in, even when times are relatively good.

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 patch is imminent

Developer Infinity Ward has been hard at work at fixing a few annoyances that have plagued the newest entry in the mega popular Call of Duty series.

Modern Warfare 3 earns a billion faster than Avatar

With so many ups and downs in gaming, you'd think the industry would be cautious about celebrating.

 Still, there's definitely reason to celebrate the recent success of CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

CoD gives gaming a big boost

As we've often discussed on TG Daily, gaming can be quite a confounding market to track. 

Red Cross wants to apply Geneva Convention to games

You'd think the Red Cross would have enough to be worrying about - Afghanistan, famine in east Africa, that sort of thing.

Is Hollywood threatened by video games?

The world of video games can best be described as somewhat manic depressive. One day it's going like gangbusters, and the next it's fallen off a jagged precipice into a downward spiral. 

Modern Warfare 3 numbers continue to blow minds

How many times does a game gross more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in less than a week?

Call of Duty blamed for college football loss

The coach of the Louisville Cardinals is blaming the latest Call of Duty game for his team's most recent loss.

Modern Warfare 3 breaks launch day sales record

It's a hat trick for Call of Duty. For the third time in a row, the latest entry in the series has smashed launch day sales records.

Modern Warfare 3 makes a big splash, as expected

The latest entry in Activision's cash-printing franchise known as Call of Duty has hit stores, and it's already the only thing that a lot of gamers are talking about.