Mongo size solar energy evolves in California

Ground has been broken on what will reportedly become the world’s largest solar facility. 

Bill would let parents control kids' Facebook pages

A new bill under consideration in California would force Facebook and other social networking sites to remove personal information on childrens' accounts at their parents' request.

High speed rail in Vegas hits blackjack

Nevada Senator Harry Reid and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently publicly announced the Federal Railroad Administration's final environmental impact statement for the $6 billion high-speed DesertXpress project, which will connect Las Vegas to Southern California. 

Los Angeles basin at risk of major quake

More great news for Californians. Just a couple of weeks ago, they were told that they were at serious risk of a superstorm - and now they need to prepare for a major quake.

California city may put mugshots on Facebook

The entire point of mugshots is basically to publicly embarrass the criminal for committing an illegal act. And if a California city has its way, that level of public humiliation will reach a whole new level.

California at risk of super-storm

California has a good chance of experiencing the sort of 'super-storm' usually seen only in disaster movies, according to the US Geological Survey.

California makes hybrid cars the expensive option

California's energy policies aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions are making plug-in hybrid vehicles uneconomical.

Court clears warrantless cellphone searches

California's Supreme Court has ruled that the police don't need a warrant to read text messages held on a suspect's phone.

Does California's video game law violate the First Amendment?

Many Californians are understandably proud of their liberal ideology and commitment to upholding democracy. 

Unfortunately, it seems as if a California law seeking to regulate and ban the sale of video games to minors may very well violate the First Amendment.

California may put electronic ads on license plates

California is considering introducing electronic license plates that would raise money for the state by screening ads.

Apple vs. Gizmodo: Was the 1984 ad a prediction of the Apple to come?

There are times I admire Apple and there are times when I wonder if the folks there have lost their collective minds.

Police raid Gizmodo reporter's home over lost iPhone prototype

Joseph McCarthy may be long dead, but his Cold War era scare tactics - namely fear and intimidation - seem to be alive and well in the sunny State of California.

Supreme Court to consider California's under-eighteens games ban

The Supreme Court has agreed to reevaluate whether playing violent games is a constitutional right of the under-eighteens.

Ancient asphalt domes 'like an artificial reef'

WHOI scientists have discovered a group of giant asphalt domes under the sea off Santa Barbara, California.