California high speed rail on track despite uncertainties

It should have been a moment of celebration; the recent vote by California lawmakers to back the first phase of a high speed rail line in the state.

Rare earth metals future may hinge on China

On a single day last week shares in a Colorado-based mining company Molycorp rose dramatically by 12 percent on the stock exchange.

A dope promotional item

It’s on practically every corner these days, even more than 7-11s, but it seems like you can’t walk two blocks without walking past a medical marijuana dispensary, at least in California.

Proview sues Apple on its home turf

Chinese firm Proview, which claims it owns the iPad name in the country, has taken its case to the US by filing a suit in a California court.

Anonymous targets California cop over tweet

Anonymous has set its sights on a California police officer for criticizing and (allegedly) threatening the group over a recent hack attack against the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) website. 

California becoming clean energy powerhouse

California regulators have approved five power purchase agreements that could boost the state's renewable energy capacity by 1,088 megawatts (MW) and produce 2,927 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy.

California solar projects left in the dark

When it comes to green, California is undoubtedly at the forefront, with many millions of dollars invested in various projects to help make the state less reliant on energy that causes pollution. 

California to deploy CO2 monitoring stations

Next time you check the weather on your desktop icon or mobile phone app, will you be ale to get an update on the carbon dioxide and methane concentrations in the air, as well?

California town adopts spy plane plan

Lancaster City Council has approved the filming of its citizens from above. Yes, the California town will soon begin using a camera-equipped spy plane to monitor potential criminal activity. 

California to allow warrantless phone searches

California governor Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would have banned police from searching suspects' phones and even PCs without a warrant.

AT&T restores service after California outage

AT&T customers in southern California experienced a service outage lasting from Saturday afternoon through to Sunday.

Radioactive sulfur in California 'not a problem' say scientists

Tiny amounts of radioactive sulfur reached California after the Fukushima nuclear disaster - but it's nothing to worry about, say scientists.

Green economy booming out in Cali

California is certainly doing a lot to build up its green economy.

ESA wants California to pay its legal fees

The Entertainment Software Association is now going after the state of California for reimbursements in legal fees.

16 suspects arrested in Anonymous crackdown

Federal agents have arrested 16 cyber activists allegedly linked to the Anonymous collective.

FBI targets Anonymous in NYC and California

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has raided a number of residences in New York and California as part of a nationwide crackdown against online activists allegedly linked to Anonymous.

App could help slash freeway deaths

A new app to be tested in California this summer is claimed to be able to reduce freeway pile-ups by 40 percent.

Amazon scraps affiliate program in California as new sales tax is passed

Amazon's terminated its associates program in California in an attempt to prevent a new sales tax there - an attempt which failed, as the bill was signed into law just hours later.

Violent video game law ruling was no surprise

Opinion - The Supreme Court ruling that overturned a controversial California law was, in a word, inevitable.

Supreme Court slaps down Cali violent video game ban

The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a controversial California law that would have prohibited the sale of "violent" video games to minors in a landmark 7-2 vote.