And a happy New Year to all our readers

TG Daily would like to wish all of our readers a most prosperous New Year and many more of them to come.

Google is the company of the decade

If there's one company that's hardly been affected by the ups and downs of the last decade, it's got to be Google, the firm that "does no evil".

Apple wins appeal over iPod hearing loss

Speak up

Online spending rises again

Especially in consumer electronics  

2009: a great year for paranoia

Leaky reactors, sabre-rattling boost sales Critics bemoaning a lack of government support for business would do well to consider the boost US foreign policy gave one North Carolina company.

AMD, Sapphire get writ over patents

A Taiwanese semiconductor design company has complained to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) that AMD and others have breached a patent it owns relating to graphics cards. Taiwanese wire Digitimes said that Richtek filed the complaint against AMD, uPI Semiconductor, Sapphire Technology, Diamond Multimedia and XFX Technology. One of the patents, US patent number 7,315,190 is for a PWM circuit and a PWM integrated circuit, a patent granted to Richtek Technology Corp from Hsinchu, Taiwan, on the 16 of June 2006.

2010: The Year/Decade of ARM and the Battle between Apple and Google

iSlate tablet versus the Nexus One smartphone

Nokia increases legal pressure on Apple's iPhone


Ex-employee accuses Seagate of patent violation

Over noise reduction technology

Samsung boss pardoned

It's not what you know, it's who you know

Intel "wouldn't license" bus to Nvidia

Firm tipped as buy, FTC won't biteA refusal by Intel to license its buses and X86 IP led the FTC to begin its investigation into the chip giant, according to a financial analyst. In a note to its clients, Broadpoint.Amtech said that the FTC investigation is unlikely to have any material effects on Intel's business, and won't give an uptick to Nvidia eithr. The financial analysts are recommending "buy" on Intel's stocks (tick: INTC).

NORAD tracks down Santa Claus for smoking on the job

'Twas the night before Christmas

DECAF no protection for pedophiles

COFEE, DECAF revisited

Another appeal from Jimmy Wales - must be Christmas

Wikipedia wants your cash, again

Adobe, Apple, IBM, Microsoft others sued over remote access

Long arm of Texas strikes again

Congress shells out $30 million to halt digital piracy

Recession be damned

Updated: Psystar closes up shop?

Hell hath no fury like an Apple scorned

Google fined $430,000 for breaching copyright

Zut alors!

Bing in ding dong with Microsoft Bing

Bing cross be

Taxman gets truth from Wikipedia

Easier said than done