Facebook's Zuckerberg pwns Privacy: Whatever, dude!

Someday everyone will broadcast their colonoscopies on the Internets friend a serial killer on Facebook.

British Airways wants to force Microsoft to be in court

A man suing British Airways over an alleged aircraft accident at London City Airport on February 13 2009 is claiming that because of it he lost his job at Microsoft.

It's Android or Apple: who needs other handset vendors?

The runaway success of Apple's iPhone and of Google's Android OS tells a story that handset vendors don't really want to hear.

Kodak settles legal spat with Samsung

Legal differences between Samsung and Kodak have been resolved and the Korean company will pay royalties as a result.

Microsoft appeals over XML spat, again

Microsoft has filed a second appeal in its patent case against i4i because it 'believes the original judgment could set a dangerous precedent for future patent cases'.

Sexpot turns Sexbot in Sin City

When in Vegas, it’s always nice to come across a friendly face, which is why TG Daily was delighted to find Roxxxy the sex robot at the Adult Entertainment Expo this weekend, slumped on a couch looking a little fatigued from all the action.

France wants to tax Google with online advertising proposal

The French government is considering an online advertising tax, a move which would see it collecting millions every year from the likes of Google and Facebook.

BBC investigates science coverage 'bias'

Dammit, you've sussed us - science writers are all in the pocket of a massive global warming conspiracy. But at least you're going for the big targets first.

Is Google's Nexus a rogue replicant?

It can't be long now before every word in the English language has been copyright protected, and we'll all have to start communicating in whistles and clicks.  

Qualcomm basks in foundry Glo

AMD spin-off, GlobalFoundries is teaming up with Intel’s biggest but most silent threat, Qualcomm, in an agreement which will see the fab Fab build chips for the wireless company in a bid to further its “mobile product innovation.”

US firm sues China over Green Dam code

One of the first developers of an internet porn filter is suing the Chinese government, claiming it misappropriated its technology for use in the Green Dam censorship project.

Apple claims three billion downloads for App Store

The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said today that over three billion apps have been downloaded by iPhone and iPod users.

Flixster buys bag of Rotten Tomatoes

News Corp subsidiary IGN Entertainment has sold its film review site, Rotten Tomatoes, to Flixster. 

Apple to spend $275 million on mobile ad firm

Reports suggest that Apple will buy Quattro Wireless for $275 million, pitching the Cupertino company further against its possible nemesis, Google.

Taipei 101 seeks to diminish Dubai's size

Now that Taipei 101 is no longer the world's tallest tower, the owners of the erection are trying to get one over on Dubai's bigger one.

Rumor: Google to buy Motorola cellphone division

Now this rumor would really put the cat among the pigeons.

AMD extends Vision vision to corporate market

Chip firm AMD said that it has created a version of its Vision brand aimed at the commercial and corporate marketplace.

Adobe download scam hits mailboxes

It's a good thing spammers can't spell.

Semiconductor market shows clear signs of recovery

The chip market is on the rebound, according to the latest figures released by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).  

China pledges to intensify Internet porn crackdown

China has pledged to intensify its ongoing crackdown against Internet pornography.