Former CEO of Circuit City nabs $350,000 in bonuses

The ex-CEO of Circuit City (you know, the guy who has that "ex" distinction because his company went bankrupt) has gotten approval for a $350,000 bonus and will also be paid hundreds of dollars an hour for consulting work he provided in the retail chain's final days.

Saudi Embassy launches Twitter account

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in the United States has launched its own Twitter account, allowing users to follow the latest news and announcements directly from country leaders.

Australia attempts to close offensive US website

The Australian Human Rights Commission is threatening legal action against a US-based 'satirical' website, which it says is encouraging racial hatred against Aborigines.

Britain passes tough new internet piracy bill

Britain's House of Lords has approved a bill allowing the government to shut down illegal file-sharers. Music companies are delighted.

LCD makers accused of price fixing again

Dell has accused five Asian LCD manufacturers of price fixing, and has filed a suit in the Northern California District Court.

New Google man slams Apple's 'Disneyfied walled garden'

Ex-Sun man Tim Bray has joined Google and started as he means to go on, with a blistering attack on the iPhone.

China warns Google's partners it could turn the heat on them

China has told Google's partners in the country that they should have a backup plan in case Google shuts its services down.

Microsoft loses next round in i4i patent case

Microsoft has lost its appeal against a court judgement that found it guilty of infringing i4i patents.

Paper grovels to Facebook after pedophile claims

Facebook is to sue Britain's Daily Mail after an article claimed it was a playground for pedophiles.

Bill Gates no longer world's richest man

Bill Gates is emptying out his piggybank in a futile search for just a few pennies more after the news that he's no longer the richest man in the world.

Pink Floyd sues EMI over online royalties

British rock group Pink Floyd has initiated legal action against record label EMI over disputed online royalty payments.

Three plead guilty to defrauding FCC of millions of dollars

Three individuals have pleaded guilty in a federal court to scamming the Federal Communications Commission out of over $2.5 million with organizations they owned that were designed to help people with hearing impairments.

Lawyers get cross over fake Intel CPU reports

Two tech sites have received 'cease and desist' letters after reporting that online retailer Newegg was inadvertently supplying counterfeit Intel chips to customers.

Hollywood vs. RealNetworks: Victory for Hollywood

RealNetworks announced late Wednesday that it has reached an overarching settlement to end a series of lawsuits over its DVD-copying software. The company is now banned from further selling its RealDVD software.

EU caps roaming prices to prevent shock bills

Horrific mobile roaming bills should be a thing of the past in Europe, thanks to a new cap on charges.

Microsoft whines about Google's "growing power"

One search engine to rule them all and in the darkness bind them!

ODD suppliers accused of price fixing

A Connecticut-based electronics retailer has filed a suit against several major optical disk drive manufacturers, accusing them of price fixing.

Apple suppliers found to use child labor

More than half of Apple's suppliers visited in a recent audit have been overworking staff, and three have been using underage labor, the company has admitted.

Italy could break the Internet

Italy could shoot itself in the foot and seriously harm freedom of speech and the Internet according to Google, which recently saw three top execs convicted in absentee for content hosted briefly on YouTube which had nothing to do them.

Steve Jobs plans "big, bold" risks with $25 billion Apple war chest

Steve Jobs has reportedly told company shareholders that Apple's $25 billion cash war chest will allow the corporation to take "big, bold" risks in the future.