Peddie: Intel will "never" buy Nvidia

Naïve speculation and baseless rumors?

Oracle faces uphill battle as EU slams US Senate

UPDATED "Haven't you got better things to do?"

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Comment This is a rant alert

Kodak sells off OLED business

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Have a dekko at this one guys

iPhone apps "will hit 300,000" next year

Analyst makes predictions

Samsung, Sprint sued over wireless navigation system

It's mine. Pay me money

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Cost a packet?

Sprint denies 'massive' disclosure of customer information

Says it was only quite a lot

Lawsuit challenges government over social networking surveillance

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How Google warps the News International agenda

Comment There’s two things going on here

Google wavers under Murdoch onslaught

Five clicks and you're out

Psystar surrenders to Apple

Signs partial settlement agreement

US is world's 19th least corrupt nation

Ner ner ner nineteen

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo sued by a number

Legs Eleven