Ballmer says Windows 8 is all about the cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told developers attending BUILD that Windows 8 would be a "re-imagining" of Redmond's flagship operating system, with every other product "pivoting" around the long-awaited OS.

Intel feels Microsoft's love in Anaheim

Although the WinTel relationship appears to be slightly strained right now, an Intel rep told TG Daily that Microsoft actually gave Santa Clara "quite a lot of love" today at the BUILD conference in Anaheim, California.

Microsoft embraces ARM at BUILD

Intel may be celebrating all things x86 at its annual developer forum in San Francisco, but that didn't stop Microsoft from talking up ARM in all of its RISC-based glory at the BUILD conference in Anaheim.

Microsoft tablet plans mature with Windows 8

At Microsoft's BUILD show this morning, the company gave a lot of insight into what everyone has been waiting to see - Windows 8.

64-bit version of Windows Firefox hits the 'Net

A 64-bit iteration of Mozilla's Firefox browser for Windows has been spotted in the wild.