Raise and eat your own bugs from this tabletop terrarium

With growing drought and an inefficient agricultural system (not to mention the world’s bees careening for extinction), there are fears that someday soon, there will no longer be enough meat-based protein to keep the world from going hungry.

Ouya working out kinks, says June launch date still on track

The first Ouya units may have shipped last week to early backers of the Android-powered console, but the company says it remains committed to ironing out any last minute bugs before the system goes live for the masses in June 2013.

Yes, Windows 8 still has bugs

A major firestorm erupted earlier this week after Intel CEO Paul Otellini reportedly told employees  Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will be released before it is "fully ready."

Apple promises fix for iPhone 4S battery bug

Apple's confirmed that a series of iOS 5 bugs are causing battery problems for many iPhone 4Ss.

Facebook pays out under bug-hunter bounty program

Facebook's bug-hunter bounty program has paid out more than $40,000 in just three weeks.

Facebook to pay bug-finders bounty

Facebook's offering a bounty to users who discover bugs on its site.

Scientists want to replace meat with bugs

Bugs are probably the most neglected form of protein. The crunchy crawlers may be gross to some, but to others they are a perfectly acceptable thing to eat. But will fried cockroaches and chocolate covered ants be the next big thing in the world of gastronomy?

Google recruits digital bounty hunters

Google is significantly expanding its vulnerability reward program to include multiple web properties.

Archos touts $200 Android tablet

Archos has announced a $200 Android-powered tablet with a 7-inch (800x480) touch screen. 

Mozilla runs Fennec Firefox on Android

Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukićević has successfully ported (Fennec) Firefox to Google's Android mobile operating system.