Guitarist Slash Says the New Godzilla is Cool

In addition to being the former guitarist of Guns N Roses, Slash has had a lengthy solo career, and he’s also a big fan of genre films, especially stuff with big dinosaurs and monsters. So of course he’s going to have an interest in the new incarnation of Godzilla, which is coming on May 16.

New Godzilla Trailer Drops

It’s been fifteen years since the disaster of the Roland Emmerich / Dean Devlin Godzilla remake, and the latest attempt to revitalize the franchise is coming on May 16, 2014. The new teaser trailer is out, and it gives audiences a good look at what the new model Godzilla looks like. 

The Breaking Bad Dead Pool

Back in the eighties, people started hearing about the Dead Pool. It even became the focus, and the title, of the last Dirty Harry movie. People still participate on it to this day, and essentially it’s which celebrity is going to drop dead next, and how much money can you make if you predict right.

No, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Won't Be Lex Luthor

A lot of times on the internet, speculation and the wishes of fanboys can get pretty out of hand in a hurry. Some putz writes that he’d love to see this or that actor playing a role, then it’s all over the blogosphere before anyone realizes it’s just wishful thinking. Case in point, how about the $50 million offer Christian Bale would get to replay Batman. This was only speculation that got around the world of cyberspace fairly quickly. 

Godzilla's Big Return

The last time there was an American version of Godzilla in 1998, it was complete crapola, so we’re hoping the next attempt, which is shooting right now for Legendary Pictures, will be much better. The next Godzilla is due next year, and the big green guy was certainly a topic of interest at Comic Con last weekend. 

Godzilla meets Breaking Bad

No, Godzilla’s not becoming a meth head, that’s not what makes him breathe fire, but as the reboot of Godzilla comes together, the main man of Breaking Bad may be battling an even bigger foe than speed.

Total Recall clip rules the world

Sony Pictures has released a new clip for its upcoming science fiction reboot of Total Recall.