Scientists develop open-source genome analyzer

Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have developed a desktop genome analyzer.

Video: Vupen pwns Google Chrome

Vupen Security claims to have successfully pwned Google's locked-down Chrome browser.

Bug hunters collect $16,500 from Chrome 11 launch

Google has paid out handsomely to developers who helped prep Chrome 11 for launch.

Polished version of Firefox 4 Android goes live

No more RCs or beta versions! Mozilla has released a polished, finalized version of its popular Firefox 4 browser for Android smartphones.

Dude, stop tracking my browser

Wouldn't it be great if you could opt out of third-party web tracking and tell hyper-capitalist advertisers to stop stalking your every move online?

Opera Mobile comes to Android

Opera has released its Mobile 10.1 beta for Android, adding pinch-to-zoom and support for location services.

RockMelt browser targets social network users

The man behind Netscape, Marc Andreessen, is funding a new browser targeted at social networking users.

GPU acceleration boosts Chrome browser speeds by 60x

Google has managed to boost Chrome browser speeds by a blazing 60x using GPU-based acceleration.

Intel and Adobe target Apple's app store

IDF 2010 - Adobe and Intel are attempting to challenge the Flash-less Apple by launching an initiative to promote Air apps and games in the latter company's AppUp store.

Mozilla kicks off browser-based gaming campaign

Mozilla has kicked off a Web-oriented gaming campaign in an apparent effort to compete with Google's upcoming Chrome OS and Marketplace.

Faster Chrome browser gives JavaScript a boost

Google is marking the second anniversary of Chrome with the launch of a newer, optimized version of the popular browser.

Skyfire attempts to bypass Apple's mobile Flash ban

Skyfire has submitted an iOS version of its popular mobile browser to Apple's App Store. The browser - which exploits Cloud-based technology - is designed to bypass Club Cupertino's rather heavy-handed mobile Flash ban.

Mozilla preps Fennec 2 Alpha for MeeGo and Android

Mozilla is currently readying an Alpha version of Fennec 2 for both Android and MeeGo.

Google rides the Wave until the end

Google has officially ended development of its nascent web-based Wave application due to a lack of user adoption.

Chrome finishes last in HTML5 drag race

Google's Chrome has placed last in a Windows-based HTML 5 drag race that pitted the browser against Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. 

64-bit version of Windows Firefox hits the 'Net

A 64-bit iteration of Mozilla's Firefox browser for Windows has been spotted in the wild.

Google Chrome goes stable for Mac and Linux

Google has released a stable version of its popular Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Mozilla details Firefox 4 specs

Apparently speed does matter. And that is why Mozilla's next-gen Firefox browser will be taking on Google's blazingly fast Chrome with a "super-duper" JägerMonkey JavaScript engine.

iPad stealthware spotted in the wild

A stealthware app that is reportedly capable of silently monitoring activity on jailbroken Apple iPads has been released into the wild.

Google shifts Chrome into overdrive with upgraded V8 engine

Google has shifted its Chrome browser into overdrive with an upgraded V8 Javascript engine that offers a respective performance increase of 30-35% on the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks.