Google resurrects the Amiga 500 in Chrome

Google developer Christian Stefansen has coded a Chrome web app that emulates the Amiga 500 in Mountain View's flagship browser.

Google's Chrome browser to get more touch-friendly

Google is apparently taking steps to make its flagship Chrome browser more touch friendly.

Analyst: HTML5 devs need stronger OS-chipset integration

Mobile devices with HTML5-compatible browsers remain on track to total 1.4 billion by the end of 2013.

Opera releases Android beta

Just three weeks after announcing its plans to scrap its Pesto rendering engine and switch to WebKit, Opera's released a beta version of the Opera browser for Android that it showed off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

HTML 5 bug allows data dumps from Mac and PC browsers

A developer recently uncovered an HTML 5 bug that could potentially allow users to be bombarded with gigabytes of useless data from rogue websites.

Opera plans switch to WebKit

Opera Software has announced plans to abandon its own Presto rendering engine and move to using WebKit, the same engine that powers Chrome and Safari.

The HTML5 in-game physics of Contre Jour

Mobile gamers have been enjoying a physics-based puzzle game dubbed Contre Jour since the title launched in 2011. Now PC users can get in on the fun by playing the game online.

Square Enix wants console quality games on web browsers

It  seems as if cross-platform browser-based gaming has really picked up over the last few months.

Nook eBooks are now Web friendly

Barnes & Noble has rolled out Nook for the Web, a free cloud-based service that allows customers to access their e-books on any PC or Mac browser.

Google Chrome crashing new Apple MacBook Airs

Google has acknowledged that a graphic resource leak in its flagship Chrome browser is causing a critical kernel panic issue on new Apple MacBook Airs.

Chrome comes to iOS

Google's Chrome browser is now available for the first time for the iPad and iPhone, free from Apple's App Store.

Yahoo enters browser market - but messes up with Chrome extension

Yahoo may have found something to distract from its rather high turnover of CEOs: a new browser plug-in aimed at simplifying search. Unfortunately, though, it's been a bit careless here too.

Wolfenstein 3D is back... In a browser!

Wolfenstein 3D is 20 years old today. Feeling nostalgic? How about playing the game for free in your browser, courtesy of Bethesda?

C&C: Tiberium Alliances is ready for your browser

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, coded by Phenomic under the auspices of Electronic Arts, is now in open beta. 

Google rolls out Chrome for Android

Google has introduced a beta version of its flagship Chrome browser for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) smartphones and tablets.

Mozilla renews search deal with Google

Google will be the default search engine for Mozilla's Firefox for a further three years, following the extension of the deal between the two.

Google wants your games in its Chrome browser

Google is moving forward with plans to evolve its flagship Chrome browser into a viable, OS agnostic gaming platform.

Occupy Flash wants to kill browser plug-in

In a blatant example of bandwagon-jumping, a group of developers opposed to Adobe's Flash plug-in web browser has decided to call itself 'Occupy Flash'.

Qualcomm wants to benchmark your Android browser

Qulacomm has coded an app for Android users interested in effectively gauging web browsing speeds on their smartphones.

New gene curation software created for genetic biologists

University of Illinois researchers have created a curation software tool for genetic biologists and it has led to a new approach in searching for information. They call it the BeeSpace Navigator.