Google launches site to track its fiber deployment

In case you hadn't heard, Google is working to bring ultra high-speed fiber optic networks to communities around the country. Now, you can track exactly where this project is making progress.

Best Buy offering its own broadband service

Hey America! Now you can get your Internet service from the same place that overcharges you for all your other consumer electronic purchases.

Cathay Pacific promises broadband, GSM and live TV

Cathay Pacific has announced plans to equip its entire fleet with full broadband, GSM cellphone service and live television, the first airline in the world do do so.

Finland: "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of broadband"

Finland has just passed a law that makes it a government-guaranteed right for every citizen to have access to a high-speed Internet connection.

White House moves to double broadband provision

Broadband coverage in the US should get a big boost, with Barak Obama today making around 500MHz of spectrum available for auction. The plan should double the amount of commercial wireless spectrum over the next ten years.

FCC moves to assert authority over broadband

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted yesterday to seek public comment on its controversial plans for broadband regulation.

Net neutrality organization set up

Microsoft, Intel and Google have teamed up with ISPs and others to create a broadband technical group advising on net neutrality and other issues.

Quick, what's your broadband speed? Yeah, you don't know

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the results of a survey on home broadband use and found that 4 in 5 Americans don't know what their advertised broadband speed is.

Verizon showcases 8.5 Mbps LTE

Verizon recently showcased its high-speed LTE wireless broadband service in Boston, with downstream speeds reportedly hitting up to 8.5 Mbps and upstream speeds clocking in at 2.8 Mbps.

Make your house a personal AT&T cell tower

AT&T is joining Sprint and Verizon in offering "femtocells," small boxes that increase signal strength in indoor environments, for its wireless customers across the US.

FCC eyes broadcast spectrum for mobile broadband use

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has proposed a "Mobile Future Auction" that would allow television broadcasters to "voluntarily" relinquish spectrum in exchange for a share of auction proceeds.

FCC study highlights shocking digital divide

An official study conducted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has found that at least 93 million Americans lack a high-speed Internet connection. 

FCC outlines ambitious National Broadband Plan

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has outlined an "ambitious" national plan which envisions the US as hosting the world's largest market of high-speed broadband users.