NASA's space laser to prove increased broadband possible

When NASA’s Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD) begins operation aboard the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission managed by NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., it will attempt to show two-way laser communication beyond Earth is possible, expanding the possibility of transmitting huge amounts of data.

Wireless, broadband brain sensor created

Engineers at Brown University have developed a wireless, broadband fully implantable brain sensor that is rechargeable, and has performed well in animal models for more than a year.

FCC calls for gigabit broadband in every US state

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is calling for all 50 states to create at least one 'gigabit community' by 2015.

Kim Dotcom promises Kiwis free broadband

Kim Dotcom, the new Zealander currently facing extradition to the US on file-sharing copyright charges, has come up with a plan that's as much larger than life as the man himself.

FCC to test carriers' mobile broadband performance

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it plans to start evaluating mobile broadband speeds in order to let customers know whether they're getting value for money.

ISPs now more truthful about broadband speeds

ISPs are delivering broadband speeds closer to those they advertise, and in many cases are even exceeding their claims, says the FCC.

Comcast ordered to market low-cost standalone internet service

Comcast has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle a complaint from the FCC that it failed to honor its agreement to offer standalone internet service to consumers when it took over NBC Universal.

T-Mobile, Sprint and others join to fight Verizon spectrum deal

A new coalition including mobile operators, trade associations and campaign groups has formed to try and stop Verizon Wireless from buying more mobile spectrum.

A quarter of Europeans have never used the internet

More than 100 million adults on the EU have never surfed the web, new European Union statistics show.

FCC approves broadband subsidy plan

The Federal Communications Commission has given the go-ahead to plans to create a $4.5 billion internet fund aimed at improving the provision of broadband in rural areas.

Broadband providers delivering advertised speeds, says FCC

The Federal Communications Commission has released a report saying that most US broadband providers are delivering speeds close to what they promise.

Microsoft testing white-space broadband in UK

Microsoft, BT, and other companies have teamed up to test a system providing broadband services via unused television spectrum.

Best Buy snags LightSquared 4G network - cable companies could be next

Best Buy is hoping to get a piece of the 4G action through a deal with the LightSquared wireless network.

EU must work harder to hit broadband targets

European governments are in danger of missing their targets for fast broadband penetration, despite the fact that the number of 10Mbps connections has almost doubled in the last year, says an EU report.

Google prepares to deploy high speed fiber networks

Google plans to build an ultra-high speed, fiber-based broadband network on California's Stanford University campus. Internet speeds are expected to hit a blazing 1 gigabit per second - more than 100 times faster than what most people have access to today.

High-speed broadband Internet takes flight

Boeing has announced the first installation of an in-flight, wireless high-speed broadband service on a business-class 737 aircraft.

Net neutrality deal collapses

A last attempt at a compromise on net neutrality has come to nothing, with the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Henry Waxman, saying he's been unable to drum up any support from Republicans.

JetBlue brings Wifi to its full fleet

JetBlue Airways has become the latest airline to introduce Wifi on all its planes, meaning there's one less place for us all to hide from work.

Carrier pigeons beat broadband with 533Kbps data rate

In a shameless but nonetheless very entertaining stunt, carrier pigeons have beaten British rural broadband in a 120 kilometer race.

US broadband adoption slows to a crawl

US broadband adoption is slowing to a virtual crawl after several consecutive years of modest but consistent growth.