Waiting to upgrade? Just smash your current PC!

Waiting for a PC replacement or upgrade is apparently driving some employees to take (or consider taking) what can only be described as drastic measures.

Brits expect to vacation on moon by 2020

Just a generation ago, the British on vacation were happy as clams sitting on a rain-lashed Cornish beach with some fish-paste sandwiches and a thermos of tea.

British bobbies trained to use Twitter

British police are being taught how to track criminals from the comfort of their own desks, using Facebook and Twitter.

There's whiskey in the Jar-O!

The Canterbury Museum has thawed a crate of rare whiskey which had laid trapped under Antarctic ice for nearly 100 years.

Elvis bypasses biometric border control

The world of biometric security managed to get all shook up when a couple of “ethical hackers” managed to get through Amsterdam airport’s border patrol with a passport under the name of Elvis Presley, complete with the hip-shaker’s picture.