Nintendo takes draconian steps to curtail 3DS "piracy"

Nintendo is reportedly taking a number of draconian steps to discourage the distribution of unauthorized or altered 3DS games.

WP7 update allegedly bricking some phones

It seems as if Microsoft's very first Windows Phone 7 update is fraught with eminent peril. To be sure, a number of WP7 users have reported bricked or temporarily jammed devices, with the company offering real-time advice on its official WinPhoneSupport Twitter feed. 

Apple bricked iPhone 3G on purpose, lawsuit claims

A disgruntled user is suing Apple, accusing it of deliberately ruining the iPhone 3G's performance through the launch of iOS4, in an attempt to persuade users to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

Motorola Droid X in serious lockdown

Motorola's eagerly anticipated Droid X smartphone is expected to hit the hot summer streets in just a few hours. But don't plan on hacking, rooting or modding the Android-powered device anytime soon.