Russian hacker behind Apple OS worm

Security expert Brian Krebs has identified the Russian hacker who made a fortune out of the poor security on Apple's operating system last year.

FBI issues cyber heist warning

The FBI has warned that cyber criminals are launching DDoS attacks against banks and their customers to divert attention from high-stakes digital heists.

Polymorphic malware is multiplying

Spam blasts containing "polymorphic malware" coded to disseminate password-stealing banking Trojans have increased significantly in recent months.

Hackers offer DDoS services

Did you know hackers are openly competing to offer illicit services that can take down a rival online business or settle a score?

Cyber thieves make off with $28,000 in payroll heist

Cyber thieves recently managed to steal a whopping $28,000 from a small New England town after infecting the comptroller's PC with at least two banking Trojans.

Skimmers target POS terminals

Skimmer gangs are reportedly targeting POS terminals across the United States.