Star Wars Casting Narrowing In On Its Heroic Lead

We had the feeling that some more Star Wars news would break soon, especially considering it’s supposed to start shooting either this summer, or early fall at Pinewood Studios in London. Adam Driver from the show Girls is reportedly up to play the villain, and for the lead hero role, casting is coming down to five people. 

Should republicans fear Obama's love of Game of Thrones?

When you’re the President, you can make a lot of demands and people will move heaven and earth to try to get it done. World peace is tough to negotiate, but how about an advance DVD of Game of Thrones?

Need For Speed Gets a Last Minute 3D Conversion

We at TGD are not totally sold on Need For Speed, but we’re going to be watching the movie’s progress because it’s a major video game adaptation, and we’re wondering if there will ever be a good video game movie down the road. We’re not sure Need For Speed is going to be it, but if the movie’s alright, it could be a start.

Can Need For Speed Go Beyond the Game?

There’s a new era of video game movies coming, and we’re hoping they will turn the genre around, much like X-Men turned around the comic book film. We think there could be a great video game movie down the road, but we’re not sure Need For Speed’s going to be it. 

Will Audiences Have Any Need For Speed?

We’re still a ways away from a truly great video game movie, if it’s ever going to arrive, and good, bad, or indifferent, the big screen adaptation of Need For Speed is arriving in theaters this March.

Obama Likes Breaking Bad

It’s always a trip to find out a certain celebrity likes the same movies, TV, music or video games you do. After all, celebrities are people just like you and me, and a lot of times they like stuff that’s in the zeitgeist, just like everyone else does.

Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Still the Most Stolen Shows on Cable

In a day and age where everybody expects everything to be free, perhaps it’s a status symbol when people are stealing your stuff like crazy. It certainly bodes well for Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, who once again are topping the charts for the most pirated shows on TV. 

$75 Million Was Offered For More Episodes of Breaking Bad

So Breaking Bad is finally done, and while Britney Spears and Oliver Stone weren’t nuts about how it all ended, the ratings were huge, and the fans seem satisfied. Every show has to come to an end, except maybe The Simpsons and Sixty Minutes, and it’s good idea for a show to get out while it’s still on top of its game. 

The Ends of Breaking Bad and Lost

If you haven’t seen the last episode of Breaking Bad yet, we certainly will not spoil it, but the reviews and fan reactions were very favorable. It also inspired screenwriter Damon Lindelof to come to terms with the ending of a show he created: Lost.

The Breaking Bad Dead Pool

Back in the eighties, people started hearing about the Dead Pool. It even became the focus, and the title, of the last Dirty Harry movie. People still participate on it to this day, and essentially it’s which celebrity is going to drop dead next, and how much money can you make if you predict right.

No, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Won't Be Lex Luthor

A lot of times on the internet, speculation and the wishes of fanboys can get pretty out of hand in a hurry. Some putz writes that he’d love to see this or that actor playing a role, then it’s all over the blogosphere before anyone realizes it’s just wishful thinking. Case in point, how about the $50 million offer Christian Bale would get to replay Batman. This was only speculation that got around the world of cyberspace fairly quickly. 

Godzilla's Big Return

The last time there was an American version of Godzilla in 1998, it was complete crapola, so we’re hoping the next attempt, which is shooting right now for Legendary Pictures, will be much better. The next Godzilla is due next year, and the big green guy was certainly a topic of interest at Comic Con last weekend. 

Godzilla meets Breaking Bad

No, Godzilla’s not becoming a meth head, that’s not what makes him breathe fire, but as the reboot of Godzilla comes together, the main man of Breaking Bad may be battling an even bigger foe than speed.

More trouble ahead for the Walking Dead?

"Time and time again we see events like what happened with Glen Mazzara. They continue to disrespect writers [and] their audience."