Report: Movies synchronize minds

When we watch a movie, our brains react to it immediately in a way similar to other people's brains.

Report: Playing computer games makes brains feel and think alike

It's well known that people who communicate face-to-face will start to imitate each other. People adopt each other's poses and gestures, much like infectious yawning. What is less known is that the very physiology of interacting people shows a type of mimicry – which we call synchrony or linkage, explains Michiel Sovijärvi-Spapé.

Invasion of the telepathic rats?

Two rats thousands of miles apart have successfully communicated through thought alone to solve a series of problems.

Karate black belts have different brains

Karate changes the brain - and not just through ill-judged kicks to the head.

Domestic duties revitalize bees' brains

Bees appear to be able to reverse the effects of ageing on their brains, simply by returning home for a little light housework.

Can fMRI scans show what your dog is thinking?

Emory University researchers have begun a project to scan the brains of alert dogs using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and see how they react to hand signals from their owners.

Carbon dioxide in oceans gives fish a deathwish

The increasing amount of dissolved carbon dioxide oceans is driving fish crazy, Australian researchers say.

Internet addiction 'changes the brain'

There is such a thing as internet addiction - and it changes victims' brains, according to a Chinese team of researchers.

Popular Facebookers have different brains

There's a direct link between the number of Facebook friends a person has and the size of particular brain regions, say researchers at University College London (UCL).

Parts of your brain could be sleeping right now

Um... what? Sorry. Now I know there was something I was going to tell you... Got it.

Of brains and prophylactics on Fringe

While the recent episodes of Fringe have been great, there is a bit missing. That bit is portions of the characters brains.