WikiLeaks suspect transferred to Fort Leavenworth

The U.S. military is currently in the process of transferring PFC Bradley Manning from Virginia's Quantico to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.

35 arrested at pro-WikiLeaks rally

Police clad in full riot gear arrested 35 protestors rallying outside a US Marine Corp base in support of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning.

PayPal reinstates account for Bradley Manning supporters

PayPal  has ended its freeze on payments designed to help Bradley Manning, who's under investigation for leaking thousands of classified cables to WikiLeaks.

Berkeley votes on naming Bradley Manning a hero

Berkeley City Council will today vote on whether to name the US Army private suspected of leaking military secrets to Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, a hero.

WikiLeaks security breach prompts US military crackdown

Kind of like the one kid at school that breaks the rules and ruins the fun for everyone, the WikiLeaks scandal has forced the US DoD to ban the use of CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives on SIPRNET computers. 

US soldier arrested over WikiLeaks security breach

A US soldier has been arrested for allegedly leaking classified footage of a controversial 2007 helicopter strike that killed a dozen people in Baghdad.