World War Z Sequel Has a Director

World War Z was one of the most troubled productions in recent movie history, but it managed to do very well at the box office all things considered. In fact, despite all the turmoil Z went through, there’s currently a director attached for the sequel, which was rumored to have been in the works for some time. 

Director Marc Foster's Not Coming Back For World War Z 2

Despite the deadly word of mouth from all corners, World War Z has pretty much come out on top. It did well in theaters, and it’s also cleaning up on DVD, BluRay and streaming. There’s still serious consideration over a sequel, but there’s one major player involved in World War Z that won’t be coming back.

World War Z is #1 in Home Entertainment This Week

It’s funny that World War Z was coming right on the heels of Star Trek Into Darkness this summer, because they’re also neck and neck in home entertainment. Last week Trek was #1, and now the zombies have climbed to the top of the heap. 

Should There Be a Sequel to World War Z?

Many predicted that World War Z would suffer the same fate as After Earth and The Lone Ranger. In other words, everyone was convinced it would wind up a complete box office disaster. While World War Z wasn’t a hit on the level of say, Iron Man 3, and it could still take time before it earns a profit, it dodged a bullet and actually did fairly well all things considered. 

World War Z Is Finally a Winner

Along with the Lone Ranger, no movie had worse buzz than World War Z, and the press had a field day with reports of the third act having to be redone from scratch, budget over-runs reaching the moon, and reported fighting between Brad Pitt and director Marc Foster.

Fight Club To Return As a Graphic Novel

How many of us are sick and tired of sequels and prequels that give audiences all the answers? Who cares how they built the Death Star? What’s so important about a construction team piecing it together in space? 

Turning the World War Z buzz around

This summer, there are two movies that have a lot on the line: The Lone Ranger, and World War Z. A Wall Street analyst even predicted they could end up being the biggest flops of this moviegoing season, if not the year.

Is World War Z in worse trouble than we thought?

There has been troubled buzz on World War Z for quite some time now, and it’s left us scratching our collective heads wondering what went wrong.

Counting down to World War Z

The most expensive zombie movie ever made. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But if you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of World War Z, it’s no surprise that it is indeed history the most expensive zombie movie ever, possibly more than every George Romero undead flick combined.

World War Z spot tracks the destruction

World War Z is based on the book by Max Brooks, which is a challenge, since the book covers a lot of ground in a story which is not exactly chronological, appearing as the personal account of one journalist covering the end of the world.

World War Z trailer goes live

In recent memory, it’s hard to think of a movie getting worse press than World War Z, and it’s still ways away from being out in theaters, with a current release date of June 21, 2013.

World War Z may turn into a trilogy

There is a lot of focus on film franchises in Hollywood lately.

World War Z cast expands

Veteran actor David Morse is joining the cast of World War Z.

The controversial ending of Se7en

Seven (or Se7en) was the film that broke David Fincher out of bad movie jail, established him as a major A-list filmmaker, and also cemented Brad Pitt's star power, not to mention it still holds up very well today.

Please know nothing about this movie

With the new Terrence Malick film, The Tree of Life, it's been reported that stars Sean Penn and Brad Pitt want you to know nothing about the movie going in, and supposedly it's not an easy one to explain regardless.